Sunday, September 28, 2008

My introduction to the blogging world

And here I am at last. It took me long enough. A special thanks goes out to Candace Havens for mentioning it in her workshop today on how important it is for a writer to have one of these things. It made a lot of sense to me, so here goes!

I'm in the very last stage, final finale scene, revisions-done, formatting near completion stage of my current manuscript. And PHEW is it a load off. Ever have the problem of getting so close to finishing something you somehow get more distracted? I hate that!

Now, before I get into too much, let me forewarn you: I'm way to open about . . . well, pretty much everything. Ask me how my labor went with my first child and I'll tell you! (Don't worry, I'll spare you now) This usually leads to some ranting, trailing off subject, or just blabbering about nothing important sometimes. I'll try to cut all the boring stuff out. Key word: TRY.

So back to the matter (see? My mind jumps here and there and everywhere . . .), I write fantasy, Sword & Sorcery type, leaning towards the Epic kind. I also write screenplays, but have come to realize as of right now, making one project a priority works better otherwise I get distracted and jump from one to the other without ever getting something completed.

I went to Candace Haven's workshop today and came out not only learning I should probably suck it up and start a blog (always had been intimidating to me for some reason), but also one other thing I want to share. She had everyone start with one line "I couldn't believe . . . " and everyone had 3 minutes to write, non-stop-pencil-on-paper-the-entire-time. Now, as she's explaining this I'm telling myself this woman is crazy. There is no way I can come up with something to write about on such short notice and then KEEP writing until the timer went.

My mind works a lot like JD's from Scrubs. You know, Zach Braff? Such an adorable guy. But anyways, I tend to have the daydreams/inner-monologue thing going on, so you can maybe understand me a little more . . . think of him when you think of me. Except, you know, I'm a female and all.

So she tells us to start, and low and behold, I write. None stop. For 3 minutes. And you know what? I actually did pretty good! I learned to give myself a little more credit. Though I had no idea what I was going to write, the pressure of it all forced me to come up with SOMETHING. So I dare anyone reading this to try it out and see what happens. The whole point, or at least one of her main points, was that everyone, every writer, writes different. We all have different perspectives. How? Everyone who read out loud what they wrote in those 3 minutes, all starting with "I couldn't believe", had a totally different story. So, like the UT billboard says on the freeway off 35E, "Great Minds Don't Think Alike".

Tuesday is my End of Book day. That's it. I'll be done. Finished. Finite, or however it's spelled. I'm stoked! Now on to the really fun stuff *hear very sarcastic tone here*: query letter and synopses. On to research and osmosis of other previously well written queries and synopsis! Wish me luck. I'm hoping to be ready to send this puppy out in November.

As for my new blog, I'm not sure of a realistic time to give myself for updating. So as of now, I'll say once or twice a week. Who knows, maybe I'll be crazy-blogger-woman and do a few a day. Don't count on it though.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Enjoyed meeting you today and best of luck with the prose! _candy

  2. Welcome and congrats on the blog AND reaching the finish line with your WIP!