Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sweet Victory!

Ah-ha! The "Ah-ha" moment has finally smacked me in the face! Talk about mood swings, I swear I can be a bipolar writer, and I'm hoping it's all just the pregnancy hormones.

This morning I was so bummed, so utterly depressed that I couldn't figure out how to start my new chapter. I think my stress the past week has crippled my creativity. So the depressing mood followed me most of the day, that is, up until I had another chance to sit down tonight. And viola! It just came to me! I figured out where exactly I needed to start, and have been working the past 3 hours straight since. So happy!

Just had to share the news. Now I think I should go to bed. After eating something, of course.


  1. I feel your pain!!! I spent last night deleting chapters 1 and 5, reworking chapter 2 to be the new 1. I was exhausted. And to be honest, I'm so confused now on what is still actually there and what is there in my mind, I'm hoping there aren't any glaring inconsistencies!! Good luck to you.

  2. Hey Christa,

    Glad to hear the writing's going well for you! Just remember, once you find an agent, they'll want revisions. And once an editor likes the book, they'll want revisions too.

    And once it's published, reviewers will find something to criticize. :)

    So have fun now while you can!


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