Saturday, November 15, 2008

Candy Havens' Book Signing & Other Things

I went to Candace Havens' book signing today and had a blast meeting some new people and fellow writers. Candy is just a doll, and I of course had her sign my copy of Charmed & Dangerous. It was such a charming group surrounding her, and I felt so at home and welcome! There aren't many social environments that make me uncomfortable, but I can definitely tell when I am a total outcast and when I belong, and I really felt true comfort there.

Rosemary Clement-Moore was also there, and let me tell you, such a sweetheart! I've added both Hell Week and The Demon King and I to my Christmas list assuming I don't buy them before the holiday arrives (when I actually get some more cash --go freelancing!--).

As for my current progress, I'm continuing research on my new YA fantasy (urban maybe? not sure yet) which contains Greek Mythology . . . and not just a little. But first priority has been my current query and synopsis. I've decided my query needs to be better and am working on that, as well as figuring out just how to make my synopsis the best ever. I just hope my husband still finds me attractive when I have no hair left!

And my pregnancy, oi vey, my stomach is killing me! I totally should not be carrying this much weight around! How on Earth did I do it with Averie? I gained way more with her because of early signs of preclampsia (I may have spelled that incorrectly), but for some reason this pregnancy seems more . . . painful! The constant poking (and she managed to tickle me somehow the other day more than once) isn't helping, either. My back hurts too. I know, I know, I'm being a baby. But dangit, if I want to complain I can! :-P I know she's worth it, of course, but it still doesn't make me anymore comfortable. I'm only 29 weeks and I feel like I'm well into my 30's.

Then again, always a good reason to ask for a relaxing massage from hubby. One of the many reasons being pregnant is GREAT (his massages are to die for!)


  1. Argh! The query and synopsis are so HARD. Good luck to you!

    Pregnancy #2 was most difficult for me, too. Nausea was horrible (when I didn't have any with my first) and I had nerve pain in my low back that was horrible. Horrible! But... you're right... they're worth it. Hang in there. And go get a backrub from the hubs. :)

  2. Wow- congrats on the pregnancy! I had no idea! WOW!

    Synopsis are always tough. Just wade through it and try to take deep breaths. The query and synop. are hard to get perfect, but it'll be worth it :-)

  3. Hi Christa!

    I think it's great that you are using the AW Query forum. I went through that about a billion times. Painful! But so worth it.

    I'm linking to your blog just as soon as I update today!

  4. Hi Christa,

    It's Pay It Forward from AW. I'm going to link to you too so you get lots of linky love! Way to go--writing while that little bun in the oven grows.

    And author signings are great for networking, so congrats on taking advantage of that!

  5. Janna,

    It was the nausea with my first, not so much with this one. Just the horrible discomfort and heaviness.

    And I'm totally on top of the backrub!

    Colby- Thanks. I am getting better at it (the query anyway) with all the rewriting I keep doing, so I suppose it's a good thing. i swear though with my new ms, I'm doing the query and synopsis first before I create all these subplots that distract me from pinpointing exactly what I need to put in there in the first place!

    Chan- You rock! It is painful, but I'm so numb to it now. If I ever DO get it right, I won't believe it. I'll insist on getting someone like Jim to rip it a part again, sure I haven't figured it out yet lol.

  6. Hi Christa (sunna from AW)

    Good luck on the synopsis - they're the bane of my existence, but so annoyingly necessary. :)

    Linking to your blog this morning.

  7. Wow, you've got a lot on your plate. I love writing queries, hate writing synopses...or as a friend likes to call them the "suck-nopsis)

  8. Amy-I must agree with you and thanks!

    Jen-Yeah, I may borrow that nickname. It does suck.