Monday, November 24, 2008

Grim Publishing News (but Have a Happy Thanksgiving!)

I'm thinking this week will be busy with festivities, and I may be away from the blogging world for a few days. What with turkeys to eat, Christmas trees and decorations to put up and the like, I'm wondering just how long the season can keep me away from the PC. I guess we'll find out.

On a sad note, Harcourt, to put it simply, has decided to stop buying books. The news comes to many as not much of a surprise, but I'm wondering if the decision has purely been made just based on the market. I personally believe there are other issues under the blanket here besides "the book industry is suffering", but who am I to claim any fact on this. Another blow to the writing industry no doubt, but as everything, it will turn around in time. I can't help but have the tiny voice in the back of my head hope other publishers don't follow suite. And I also can't help but to be overly optimistic as that's just one of my character strengths (and flaws).

But despite the crummy news, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I hope you enjoy this holiday week, and embrace the new Christmas season of '08 as it rounds the corner to greet us with Black Friday! *shudders* I bet this'll be the worst Black Friday in retail for some time.


  1. Unfortunately you're probably right about Black Friday. :-(

    BUT have a happy turkey day!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you and the baby gets LOTS of goodies in the tum-tum. :D

  3. I just read about a Wal-Mart stampede on Black Friday that left one employee DEAD. I still can't believe it.

    What's wrong with people?

    About the downturn in the publishing industry - it's depressing. If publishers aren't buying, agents will get more selective as well. I have to remind myself that no economic depression lasts for ever, and even if no one at all is buying at the moment, that doesn't stop us from writing. I still have stories to tell, no matter what agents or editors or publishers do.

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and ate lots of turkeys. :)


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