Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Random Musings

I'm glad I voted, even if my vote didn't decide my state, I still got what I wanted!

That said, how are you? Anyone still feverishly typing away their NanoWriMo project? I envy you! Since November 1st rolled onto my doorstep (rather fast, really) I've been swamped, but the good news is: I've finally decided what it is I'm going to focus on. Not my picture book idea, not my middle grade idea, and not my memoir idea. A completely NEW idea popped into my head this weekend and I'm going for it. It's young adult, not fantasy (I'm going to take a break from fantasy before diving into my middle grade project) and I'm psyched. Seriously! Thursday is my planned day to begin the typing. I may not get my 50K in for the month (or I just may, I type wicked fast) but my goal for the end of the year is going to be mediocre: 20K (read here as to why).

I'm enjoying my non-fiction freelance writing. But all the ideas flopping into my head keep me distracted from starting my real work (novel writing). But at least I'm getting paid (minimally), so that's always a plus. Writing non-fiction (mine tend to be strictly How-to's as of now) is so much more different than fiction-novel writing, so it's great to flex my brain and learn new things. Especially this SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff. My husband has a membership at Lynda.com, which pretty much teaches you anything you want to know (ok, almost anything), including a course on SEO.

I'm also in the midst of designing a website (with the help of my husband -- sort of -- he's a busy guy) and I'm wondering if it's possible to pull this blog feed into the website, so when I post a new blog here, it shows up on my site. So, if any of you reading this are brainy when it comes to the internet, I'll grovel for some insight!

Also, for anyone interested in some really good networking advice, Colleen Lindsay had a guest speaker, Courtney Summers, who dished out some good info about sites I wasn't aware even existed. Check it out!

On a personal note: Heroes was stalled this week (Election week), so I was bummed last night. And my re-runs of Scrubs was overrun by Election night. While very important, and of course all I ended up watching, I miss my only two indulgences of Prime Time TV (even though Scrubs is a re-run . . .isn't Season 8 supposed to start soon?)

Also, I don't think I'll ever ever ever ever experience a good night's sleep again. Ever. What with my 3 year old daughter, who finds a way to either wake me up right as I fall asleep, or an hour and a half before I need to wake up (or just serve as my human alarm clock every morning) and my in-utero daughter pouncing my insides like I'm the human version of Pong, it just "ain't" gonna happen. Okay, how crazy is it that in the middle of writing this she cries out having a bad dream? Seriously, talk about timing.

Anyway, by the time I do get a chance to relish in sleeping in (which to me now means like, 8:30 am which is hilarious coming from someone who once slept in until noon or later) I'll be so used to waking up at the crack of dawn every morning I won't be ABLE to sleep in. Gotta love life! But ya know, they (my girls) will be so worth it. One already is. :-)

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