Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Writer Related Info & What's 2009 Look Like for You?

Kim Richardson, fellow writer and author of soon-to-be released novel The Unbreakable Child, is also having a giveaway on her blog. What's your favorite comfort food? Give it a mention, visit the blog, and maybe you'll have a shiny, brand new novel to devour!

As well, Chandler Craig has a great interview with Jackson Pearce, author of As You Wish, and I have to share the hilarious and upbeat video Jackson made of her imagination's take on how it happens for writers:

As for some news on the publishing and agency front, Elana Roth of the Caren Johnson Literary Agency blurbed some interesting things on her blog about what they're currently hoping for. Got a middle grade or YA book that doesn't have animals, fairy tales or vampires in them? Here's lookin' at you, kid! Maybe this year will prove to be THE YEAR for you!

Jennifer Jackson had a great entry comparing queries to food chains, and not only will it make your tummy grumble, but it's some great insight I think every writer should take heart to.

And now, for the year of 2009! Any predictions you have? I'm not a big astrology person, but I couldn't help myself and clicked to see what the year had in store for me. From Yahoos! Astrology site, this is apparently what 2009 looks like for me:

Year 2009 Overview

Pioneering and courageous Aries is being called to times of incredible new growth and renewal. Awesome! This is good news, right? The considerable reflective time you have spent rehashing and deciding which avenue will best serve your highest purpose has shaken you to the very root of your personal belief systems. I did decide to become a full time writer, no ifs-ands-or-butts , a few months ago . . . Through surrendering to your higher self, new realizations and golden opportunities you never thought possible are brilliantly opening up for you. Holy crap, an agent? That's all this can mean to me right now. Astrology . . . if you're correct in this assessment, I may have to lift a glass to you my dear.

Your new commitment to self has given you a renewed appreciation of your divine wisdom and accomplishments. If I'd been drinking anything, the "divine wisdom" part would've resulted in liquid spewing from nose. The understanding you have radiates love and compassion, and is attracting your highest good. As your creative spirit soars, the excitement you feel helps you submit to the larger purpose and vision gained in your dreamtime. This sounds promising. You are easily able to bring your work out into the world with clarity and purpose. Again, all I hear is "agent, agent, agent". Your heart's desires are quickly manifesting right before your eyes and you are able to reap long-standing benefits as you detach from the past and are catapulted forward. Where's all the bad news? Surely 2009 isn't going to be the Golden Year of my life, is it? But so far, I'm hooked. Makes it seem like all my dreams will come true!

Because of your humanitarian ideals and desire to be a helper in our emerging world, be careful not to fall into old patterns of helping others fulfill their needs rather than taking care of your own. Haha, too late! Try being a mom, Astrology! Tough to find the balance, I tell ya. . .As you grow, people are drawn to your altruistic ideas and your visionary and compassionate personality. Agent, agent, agent ;-)

In spite of your good endurance and concentration, remember to take care of yourself on an everyday basis to maintain wholeness and integration. *snickers* Eh, has a point. I do always put myself last. So is it telling me to be more selfish? Or find a better balance? Hm. Probably the latter. Finding a good physical outlet for your frustrations is important so that you don't deplete your energy and prevent yourself from getting what you really want. Good thing I'm joining a gym after the baby! Enjoyment is the fundamental desire of your life, and you are able to create the life you enjoy. Sounds like something from a fortune cookie!

Interested in yours? Here's where I found the horoscope. Regardless of what this says, I'm going into 2009 with a positive outlook and goals in mind. I WILL find THE agent who is just as passionate about my book as I am, and I WILL finish my latest work in progress. Now, whether all that other stuff comes to life or not, we'll have to wait and see until next year.


  1. I heart Kimmi and have already ordered her book. Great writing stuff here. Isn't it strange that the majority of writer bloggers post about the craft on Wednesdays?

    I'll skip the star chart. Planning on making my OWN successes and kept resolutions this year. :) Write on!

  2. I heart Angie!! And I heart you Christa, many thanks, sweetie!!

  3. tag, Christa! (don't hate me, I had to) :)

  4. Hey Christa,

    Thanks for the link to Kimmi's blog! That was a great read.

    And now we've got two goals in common - 1. find a good agent 2. finish current WIP. I'd also love to finish mine well in advance of November so I can take a break before I try NaNo for the first time.

  5. Angie: I'm all about making my own success as well, but I'm always curious to see if these things (star charts) end up real or not. I mean, apparently something cataclysmic is happening Dec. 21, 2012 when the galaxy aligns. Interesting to see if it happens!

    Kimmi- I heart you too, love! Hope I win! ;)

    Sunna - I have no idea what you just did to me, but I don't hate people. I'll be following the link :P

    Marian-I hear ya on the WIP. I think I gave myself an unrealistic time line for the first draft (by end of March . . .HAHAHA) I so haven't been in the right mind for writing with this baby so close. =-T Let's give each other some friendly competition? ;)

  6. You've been tagged!

  7. Again! Thwarted by Sunna! Sunna, you're tagging everyone I know!

  8. 1) Jackson's video is freaking awesome.

    2) Yahoo Astrology! You just opened up a whole new world of procrastinating opportunities to me.

    3) May all those things that your reading hinted at lead to an agent!


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