Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday Updates, February Line Up, and a Brief Farewell

Random tidbit of information: The Dark Knight is being re-released in IMAX theaters. Just thought that'd be something worthy of mentioning, it was a fantastic movie and I'd totally see it again (especially in IMAX).

For those of you who have done NanoWriMo, or wanted to do NanoWriMo, or tried doing NanoWriMo, let me introduce you to Fast Draft. This is like NanoWriMo in boot camp. Visit Candace Haven's website for more information on how to complete your novel in 2 weeks (under workshops). Don't expect to get anything else done in your life during this time, but do expect to feel accomplished! Like NanoWriMo, it's all online, and I'd totally attend if I didn't have a new born joining me in 3 days.

Curious as to the 2008 Publishing Industry trends? The 26th Story posted an image of a "Subway" map of such trends. Don't ask me how to read it, but it is interesting so I thought I'd post it here.

Caren Johnson Literary Agency is having a 1 day "pitch session" on their newly vamped blog. You have until Wednesday at noon to comment a 2-3 sentence pitch/query to gauge her interest. Check it out!

February Line Up

What I have in store for the blog in February so far is:

- an interview with author Rosemary Clement-Moore of Prom Dates from Hell and Hell Week, whose newest release, Highway to Hell stocks up shelves March 10. 

- Book Trailers: Take 2, a new blog furthering my research and opinion on this growing publicity concept. 

And more than likely a lot of blogs about being a mother of another newborn, and of two daughters.

So, I will end my last blog entry until after my baby is born with a hearty farewell! I hope everyone has a great rest of the month, and if I happen to blog before the month is over, yay! But more than likely I will be tackling my whirlwind journey of motherhood with my husband and eldest daughter as we all settle in for a new beginning!

Oh, and Happy Inauguration Day!


  1. Congrats! Looking forward to more book trailer discussion!

  2. Blessings to you, Christa.
    See ya at AW.
    Thanks for the post.

  3. We'll keep the blogging warm for you!! You take care of yourself and your family...and be sure to post pictures of course when you can!!

    Good luck to you and I hope everything goes wonderfully!

  4. Fast Draft sounds awesome. Maybe I'll do it this summer, once my thesis is under control.

  5. Oooo, hope it's an easy delivery! Y'all will be in my prayers. Thanks for all the good resources again.

  6. Sara- thanks, me too!

    Ella, of course! It's tough out there but we'll trudge through with success!

    Sharla, I'm all about pictures! Thanks for everything :)

    Jill, totally. I want to try it as well, just need to find the right time (if ever there is one!)

    Angie, I second that! ;) And any time, thanks for always dropping by :D

  7. Good luck!!!

    Maybe you can combine middle of the night feedings with blog posting?

  8. Hey, how are you doing? I love your blog, how are you?

  9. Anita, thanks! I wonder if I can balance a boppy and the pc at the same time. Definitely worth a try!

    Leon, thanks for stopping by, I'm good. You know, just about to have a baby and all. :P I'm glad you enjoy my blog!


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