Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Update

Well hello there strangers! I'm still here, hanging on to sanity by a grain of *sand. I hope, for those of you who've had a chance to read my interview with Rosemary Clement-Moore, enjoyed the read. And for those who haven't, I strongly urge to take a look. Some sage advice, as well as an all around American sweetheart. And go buy one of her books, if not the whole series! Prom Date From Hell is the first in the "Hell" trilogy, Highway to Hell releasing March 10, and her newest book The Splendor Falls, releasing later this year.

As for me? Life is getting easier with two girls. No more shoes are being thrown at me, so that's a good thing. And I don't want to get into too much detail as far as mothering a newborn (nursing, poopie diaper stories, etc) but things are pretty peachy for now. I'm totally sleep deprived, and often get headaches because of this, and am grouchy, crabby, you name it, on the days I don't get a nap. 

Eldest is doing much better though stopped taking a nap for two weeks. I thought perhaps she'd out grown them, but this week told me otherwise. Come 5pm almost every day = a complete meltdown for some silly little thing. So today I insisted she take one, and since her friends birthday party was the bribe, she did. And WOW. Today was great. No meltdowns, just normal fussing over things she wants and can't have. 1 for me! 

Writing. Ah, writing, writing, writing. I'm mourning the writing time I use to have before baby. The good thing is I've come to realize things that can be changed/added to better my manuscript so have sort of started working on that (when time permits, which isn't much). I've put my other work-in-progress on hold until I finish tweaking and revising. I have an Agent / Editor day in April which I'm pumped for, and just joined DFW Writer's Workshop which I'm hoping I'll get to read next Wednesday for some awesome critiques. 

As far as my Calendar of Events concerning writing goes, here is all I have for now:
  • Wednesday nights: DFW Writer's Workshop
  • March 14: Rosemary Clement-Moore's book signing at Barnes & Nobles by the NE Mall
  • April 25: SCBWI Agent/Editor Day
  • May 2-3: DFW Writer's Conference
I'm planning on at least one more conference in the fall. Possibly FenCon, but if there are other suggestions let me know!

Upcoming blogs for March: Rose Pressey's interview, book trailer talk, and something else I have yet to cook up. This doesn't include any personal blogs I throw out here, of course.

I hope everyone is doing wonderful, and because I can't help but to brag, here is my growing beautiful new baby!

* sand is much smaller than thread, therefore depicts more appropriatley my take on things right now.


  1. She's beautiful! Getting so big :)

  2. she is so precious! *snuggles* and don't feel guilty about trying to do too many things! you have a newborn!

  3. Christa, she's gorgeous!! I'm so jealous about the writer's workshop - we have nothing in Maine that doesn't first involve registering for a graduate program. :(

  4. Awwww, sha, worth every minute of sleep deprivation and unreached writing goals. You're finding a good balance. Having had 3 kids in 36 months, I feel for ya! :)

  5. Thanks Sarah and Cindy!

    Amy, that sucks! Maybe you could be the founder of something new? ;)

    Angie, woah! You feel for me, I bow to you! 3 in 36 months? Sha, I'd totally not survive that lol. And she is worth it, ain't she? ;)

  6. First time visiting your blog, but I must say, major props to you for even being able to think about writing with a newborn around. Wow! Congrats :-)

  7. I wish there were conferences around me, too. Nothing unless I drive 6 hours to Dallas!

    Beautiful little girl!

  8. Sounds like you're doing a great job acclimating! Hang in there, lady. And I hope the headaches don't cause you too much trouble.


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