Thursday, March 12, 2009

Still Here, I Promise!

Between Spring cleaning -- selling stuff on craigslist -- and continuing to figure out the routine with two kids, I've had to let go of some of my favorite things for a little bit, like blogging. And boy do I miss it! I still plan on blogging more about book trailers, and will be inviting author Dara England over to help me talk about them (she makes them for her books). 

Randon side note: It's interesting when you clean something . . . to really get it clean everything must become dirty and chaotic again. 

I still haven't finished the nursery! Baby is doing good, other than being fussy all day yesterday. Good days are a hit and miss, but it evens out. She went to bed finally at 11pm and slept until 5am, so that's great, even if we did sleep on the couch together. 

As for writing, I've also fallen a bit behind on my e-articles but plan on catching up soon. I'm sure it will get easier as baby gets older. My completed ms is under the revision knife again, I cut 3 chapters and am replacing them, deciding to go with a different route on how my two main characters meet. I think it will make it more interesting. And then I plan on changing up the ending as well. Progress wise, I've gotten half of the new 2nd chapter written and probably just need one other chapter to tie into where I left off. My new WIP is a few pages long now, but I keep wondering if I want to work it the way I am or do something different. It's currently a YA pre/post apocalyptic story that's really grown from the original seed it started out as. I added a twist that I'm hoping will make it more original in this particular genre/topic. 

And that's it for now. I have chores to do, a shower to take, and writing to do. Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. You're getting lots done! Give that angel a squeeze from your old bloggy friend.

  2. Will do Angie, thanks a million :)

  3. New babies are a lot of work. :) Sounds like you're doing great.

  4. You're alive!!! I was beginning to wonder... ;)


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