Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday Update

I normally do Saturday update, but well, let's just say it's good I even remember to do an update at all! I miss you, oh sweet blog world! I've been, and am still, so far behind on all the blogs I follow. Let me stretch out and give you fellow blogger friends a big world wide web hug in my apologies!

So, today was Monday and WHAT a day it was! Wonderful, great, productive, sweet, sweet start to the week! I have an Agent/Editor day creeping up on me in about two weeks, so I'm scrambling to get the manuscript I said was done, really done (it was done, and then friends/writer's at the DFW Workshop inspired some new ideas I think make it a lot better--so I've been implementing them, which took a few rewrites of some earlier chapters). Why do I love parantheticals so much? Anyway, so I need about 6-8 hours to rewrite those first few chapters and then read the rest of the manuscript to fix what I need to to make the new changes make sense through out the rest of the story. Today, my mom came over to watch the girls so I could get 3 hours of writing time at the coffee shop.

I got roughly 3,5oo words written! I haven't realized how much I've missed writing until I actually got time to myself. See, writing at night when it's the only time I have an dI'm exhausted and it's more me forcing myself than actually writing, it just never comes out so . . . naturally. But this morning? Wow! I'm so proud of myself. Not to toot my own horn, but hey, *honkhonk*. I have one more chapter left to write connecting the new beginning to the rest of the story and then reading the rest and tweaking what I need. That is a very tedius job, but it's been a handful of months since I've read it straight through so I'm a little excited. It's just finding the time to do it before the 25th, eek!

To add to that good news, Monday's are my cleaning days, and i wasn't expecting to get much done since I went writing. But my mother was an angel today and I came home with a clean house!! Baby took her naps like she needed to so she'd go down when she's supposed to at night (I've figured out her schedule, and not sure if I've instigated it or not, but she's a lot like my firstborn in that she thrives on routine. If we're out somewhere during her nap, and it's really windy, and she doesn't get her nap=6 hours trying to get her to go to sleep at nightime. No joke.) I enjoyed some quality play time with big girl (doctor), and once kids were in bed, sat down to enjoy the only two shows I watch: Heroes and Castle. To top it off, dark chocolate and milk. 

As for school stuff, I am starting the process of applying for FAFSA. My Theater camp lesson plans are 75% done, and I've got my lesson together for Music class tomorrow. If all goes well, and baby takes her nap, I'm hoping for 2 more hours of writing time. Wednesday I'm hitting the DFW Writer's Workshop for some insight on my new chapter 2, Thursday having dinner at our house with friends/neighbors, and this weekend is packed with stuff: big girls soccer game, family portraits, Easter=  being Easter bunny, church, husbands family, my birthday jumbled together with two other family members with April birthdays and THE BIG EVENT:

Exactly 11 years ago I met my husband on my eighteenth birthday, which fell on Easter that year. It wasn't technically the first first time, but the first REAL time (we met 2 years prior as a bump in "Hey, you work here" "Yeah" kind of thing). was at The Magic Time Machine. I wanted Ace Ventura as my waitor, and he was him! I actually have this on video!!! Anyway, to celebrate, I made reservations for us to sit at the exact table on the exact day that we met 11 years ago. How sweet is that? It's awesome!

OK, I need to go to bed now. Goodnight!

*Apologies for any typos, spelling or grammar mistakes as I'm hopped up on chocolate and sleep deprivation. Must go to bed now, can't be a perfectionist!


  1. Life is good. You will get your writing done. I'm pulling for you!

  2. Holy crap, girl, you're making me feel VERY lazy. :)

    W00t on all the accomplishments!

  3. Wow, you are far too productive. Stop it ;)

  4. Thanks Angie! I got another 2K written today. Amy, Sarah, you make me giggle :P


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