Sunday, May 17, 2009

This Weeks Mommy Fail

This weekend has been crazy, chaotic, busy and strange. It started with a 3 hour dress rehearsal for my 3 year-old's dance recital on Saturday. I had no idea where I was supposed to be, the dance instructor didn't give directions, so I spent 30 minutes after the time we were supposed to be there driving around the same block over and over trying to find the place (gotta love GPS systems when they go whacky). It's rainy, it's cold, I'm rushed and impatient, and when I get Big Girl out to run inside the building I realize I left her costume and dance shoes at home. D'oh!

So my daughter had no idea why I was crying (the stress of getting there on time and not knowing where the heck it was even with GPS Samantha trying to tell me . . . and I wasn't the only one, me and another mini-van mom were driving around, calling people, rolling down our windows and sharing information . . . was enough for me to break down at one more mishap) but she was a champ. The only girl out of the probably 50-75 that were there (maybe more, I didn't stop to count) without a costume, and she only fussed about me having to leave her backstage.

But the finding-location-dilema continues when we had a birthday party to go to. It started an hour before her rehearsal was done, so we rushed out as soon as her last dance was finished and headed to the park. It's rainy, still wet and cold. And my daughter is dressed in a jean skirt and sleeveless shirt. Ya, good job mom. (We were swimming at the pool the day before though! Crazy Texas weather). So yeah, we finally find the birthday party and all is well (though my neighbor friend's little boy slipped on the wet concrete and got a concussion before we about a miserable weekend for a lot of people! --he's ok though!). 

Her performance was awesome, my baby's first recital! She did so great and I'm so proud of her. The weekend remained hectic with a strange fog hanging over both my husbands and I's head. We saw Star Trek after the recital once the babysitter/BF came to watch the girls (sleep). It was AWESOME by the way. Loved it. Then today we had another birthday party to go to. Sufficed to say, I got no writting done this weekend, felt like a complete failure as a mother, but saw a great movie! And the good thing is, I'm ending the weekend on an up note. My girls are wonderful, my husband is a blessing, my dog is sweet, my God is great . . . life is good!


  1. Oh gosh, I feel for you. I really don't like harried and flustered days like that. But you made it through! :)

    Such a sweet girl in her costume.

  2. Awe, she's so beautiful in her ballerina skirt!

  3. It's hard to juggle it all without slipping up once in a while. Glad it worked out and your little angel did well.

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm so stinkin' proud of her.


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