Thursday, July 2, 2009

Surviving the Week

Boy, the past 9 days have run me empty. While I love my brother dearly, carting him and my two girls around the county all week has its limits. He had eye surgery LAST Tuesday, and it didn't take. (He got poked in the eye with a sharp stick as a kid--not by me, just to clear things up). I had to chauffeur him to two other doc appointments on different days after that, and then he had another surgery this Tuesday. I'm tired of driving! This Tuesday was the hardest because I was at the hospital with both my girls, expecting to be there at the most--2 hours. But that turned into 4. With a 4 year old that was "dying of hunger" and a baby that refused to take her nap in the car seat. Sufficed to say, I was about to pull all my hair out. But my brother is good, and that's what's important. This last surgery finally took (they replaced his cataracts).

We're all getting back to normal now and I'm working hard not having the baby's schedule interrupted the rest of the week. You'd think with her being the second she'd sleep anywhere anytime, but I have a feeling we've spoiled her as if she were a firstborn. She sleeps great, but only in her crib in her special blanket.

Speaking of mother stuff, I know I mentioned earlier I was starting up a mommy blog. I can't keep up with it, so I'm sticking with just this one. BUT, getting a website up and going so that's even better! Hope everyone has a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! What are you doing this weekend?


  1. I hope to nap this weekend. Hope you catch one too. :)

  2. lol I know, right? I doubt it. Big girl doesn't let me. Hope you have better luck than I do!

  3. You sound like a great sister, great mom and a great friend!