Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Writing Prompt - July (#1)

Welcome to those who wanted to participate in this months (and the first month) writing prompt!

So, here are the "rules" for this writing prompt. Pick one of the three choices and begin your story with that sentence. I left them with ellipses' but you can make them one sentence or continue on, up to you. Then, write where your heart leads you! (try not to make it more than 2K words, otherwise people might not read it). Post your story either a. Here in the comment section under this post or b. on your own blog and link to it in the comment section under this post.

Remember to include a hook! Even for those who post your prompt under the comment section, have the hook line first.

For instance, in my latest writing prompt, my hook was: Levi’s got the charm, the looks and the right amount of naughty to get Jess into illegal sorts of trouble when the heat is sweltering by the grill-side.

Make sure it's a hook and not "Here's my prompt...yadda yadda" or "this is about...." make it INTERESTING. That's the challenge and fun of the game, and the more interesting and "hookish" your hook is, the more people you'll have interested in hopping over to your blog to give it a read.

And lastly, show support! Go to other participants blogs and comment on their prompt!

Writing Prompts are to be posted by midnight next Tuesday (by whatever time zone you feel you want to go by).

And without further ado, choose from these prompts:

1. Writing literally saved my life...
2. The movie theater was dark, cold, and empty...
3. There it was, sitting under the car...


  1. Marissa hates her job, hates her life, and learns a little too late that changing herself might just improve it all for the better.


  2. I looked into my own eyes; death was all I could see.



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