Thursday, September 3, 2009

Coming this Month

*waves behind a pile of books and digital homework*

So, I'm drinking coffee, fighting to stay awake, and figured I needed to write something here to let you know I'm still alive. The Zombie did not take me over. But with all this math and history homework, I may just let it. ;-)

For the month of September I have two guests who'll be interviewed on my blog: Maria V. Snyder, author of the Study series (POISON STUDY, MAGIC STUDY, FIRE STUDY) and the Glass series, STORM GLASS and SEA GLASS which just came out this week! Having read most of her work, I'm thrilled to pick her brain and share it here. Be sure to pick up your copy of her latest release! Or, you could WIN a SIGNED copy being Bitten by Books here.

Next on the line up is author Mary Malcolm. Her debut novel, DINER GIRL, just came out this July. And might I add, I love the cover.

Isn't this all so exciting? On a more personal note, my big girl started pre-K this week and the thought of Kindergarden next year...with her being gone ALL Just, wow. I'm so going to ball.


  1. They grow up so fast! My baby just started high school, and I'm having daily aneurisms over everything she has to do. Enjoy it all! This is when they are sweet and don't have boobs or PMS!! LOL.

  2. That's quite the busy month you have planned.