Monday, November 9, 2009

Holiday Cheer Contest

The holidays are upon us, smacking us in the face as soon as our Halloween decorations are packed back in the attic. To celebrate and grow my readership, I've decided to hold a month long contest. The prize will be either a $10 Bath & Body Works or Old Navy gift card (to work for the guys out there) to arrive before Christmas. To win, simply post in the comment section your favorite memory about the holidays (any holiday), to double or triple your chances, post a link to this blog somewhere (twitter, face book, a message board) and link to it in your comment. Your name will be put in for each referring link.

I'll draw the winner December 1st!


  1. My favorite holiday memory was Christmas last year. This was the first year the twins really understood what Christmas and Santa were all about. The look on their faces when they saw all the presents Santa had brought was priceless.

    Lynnette Labelle

  2. My best memory is a very simple one, and it’s the same every year - going to NY to see the tree at Rockefeller and the sites of NY Christmas, followed by lunch with the family. It’s something I’ve done since I was a child with my grandparents who lived in NYC and I still do it today with my kids. It keeps me connected through tradition to my past and hopefully creates good memories for my boys.

    Cool contest! I’ll link to you on my next blog and post back with the link.:)

  3. How did I miss this contest?! My apologies!

    My favorite holiday memory: laying upside-down under the Christmas tree and looking up through all the branches. The pine needles and ornaments reflect the multi-colored lights so that it looks like some kind of kaleidoscope of Christmas. My sister and I used to do it every year. Then we got old and realized it was best not to lay under the Christmas tree. When people are watching.

  4. what a fun contest! How did I not know about this one???
    Favorite holiday memory: I live in the south...south alabama, it rarely snows here. But once when I was little we had snow right before Christmas - granted it went from snow weather to 60 degrees in three days - those two days of no power, cooking over a fire, hot chocolate; my parents were off from work (snow shuts us down, building a snowman and sledding for the first time, it was so much fun. My parents got out there with me & my siblings and we enjoyed every flake.

    I had always wondered why snow was such a big deal in movies - for that one holiday I understood.

  5. Fun!!

    Let's see, my favorite memory had to be when I was a child and would wake up Christmas morning and run into the living room which had magically filled with presents. Even now, seeing a bunch of wrapped presents together gives me the same thrill from back then.


    It was the very worst and the very best Christmas.

  7. Hm, I somehow also missed this contest until now. What a great idea :-)

    My favorite holiday memory (at least that comes to mind right now) is when I was maybe 7 or 8 and my sister was 4 or 5. I got one of those little electric three wheelers for Christmas. My sister was sitting on the back when I hit the throttle. It didn't go that fast, but she still fell off the back (She wasn't hurt). We still laugh about it, but the funny part is we (accidentally) recreated the scene about seven years later on an adult-sized three wheeler. She tumbled off the back and I didn't realize it until I got across the field.

    I also RTd your recent post about the contest using the RT feature, which apparently doesn't give me a link for the status, but can be seen on my profile


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