Monday, December 28, 2009

Hitting Page 200

What a thrilling feeling! My poor MC is having her mental breakdown in the dramatic way teens do. Ug, writing it has been tough. My chest is all knotted and my heart raw just thinking about my worst emotional experience as a teen (my first love break-up). I was so dramatic and emotional, my parents had to give me shots of J.D. to calm me down. Hah! But don't worry, my story has a happy ending. The guy asked me to marry him 4 years later. ;-) Now that's a long story that I'll have to tell one day. Rather interesting, really.

But! Not my point of this post. Nope. I have reached the 200 page mark of MYTHIC. Yes, now that I have titled my WIP, I will shout the awesome name out in the blog world as many times as I want. Mythic, Mythic, Mythic!

Don't worry, I won't become too attached, I know it may change when I have an agent/editor. But still. It's good to love the WIP, right? Right?! As long as it doesn't break up with me, I should be okay. ;-)

Now, back to writing I go!


  1. Yes, loving the WIP is a good thing. I wish I could say the same thing, but I am not one of those people who loves anything.

  2. I'm laughing and feeling nostalgic because my teenage drama was similar. Emo all over the place for years for the same reason. Married the guy six years later!

    Not married to him anymore, because all that glitters sometimes just turns out to be glitter...LOL. Funny how what seems so life altering when you're a teen--really isn't. But they don't see all that.

    I'm glad you're loving your title! Mythic is actually really cool...!!! I love mine too, and it was almost instant. My first book was alot harder to name.

  3. Christa, that's a great title! and congrats on reaching page 200!

  4. Thanks everyone! I'm stoked. Already got 7 pages done today.

  5. Yes keep writing - I want to see the conclusion!