Friday, December 4, 2009

Phew, this week has flown by and has been crazy chaotic. With Thanksgiving ending and Christmas stuff beginning, and snow in Texas on Wednesday, and a dramatic tantrum throwing four-year-old, and final exams, and beta reading an awesome pirate manuscript (which I just finished and I can't WAIT to see it in print! Woot!) I. Am. Pooped.

But, I haven't forgotten about the contest, and will be randomly drawing the winner next week. Hope you enjoyed my interview with Rachel Vincent (below) and have an awesome weekend. We'll be having breakfast with Santa tomorrow! I know what I want for Christmas, do you?


  1. I read this on my Google Reader (as always) but popped over here on my lunch break to say YAY! (I could read the entire post on Reader)


  2. lol yes, I fixed that! Thanks for letting me know. ;)


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