Friday, January 8, 2010

Thoughts on Vlogging

The idea has me so interested but stumped. What in the world would I vlog about and who would care? There's some great vlogs circling the web, especially the newest one, YA Rebels (and they all rock some awesomeness) and other writers/authors with something interesting to say. Maybe it's my self-consciousness on humiliating myself some how (because knowing me, if I were to do something close to entertaining, it'd be to sing about currently read YA books to an 80s tune, or something like that--maybe my 4-year-old is inspiring me since taking over my karaoke machine) or more than likely, just not knowing what in the world to vlog about that I couldn't write about. But I guess that's the thing, maybe vlogging is more about getting more personal, face-to-face, not about the actual content. The entertainment value?

Someone clue me in here! And if I were to vlog about anything, what do you think it should be? I'd totally do the YA book song thingie, but it'll require me writing lyrics and, well, I'd rather finish writing some other things right now, hah! And I'm talking, once a month, if that (maybe just once depending lol), nothing like what the incredible YA Rebels are pulling off.


  1. I get performance anxiety, so you'll never see me vlogging! But I think it's way cool!

  2. I'm WAY late on commenting on this, but... oh well.

    I really only watch vlogs when they are particularly amusing. Like Brigitte Dale.

    Otherwise, I'd rather just read a blog post. I probably will never vlog because I'm just not that amusing :)