Saturday, January 30, 2010

What Kind of Romance Attracts You?

My blogging has been lacking due to school starting up again (and my baby turned 1!!) so I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. With that said, I'll start with romance and what draws us to liking specific types of relationships, or not liking.

Two weeks ago, some awesome YA authors over at YARebels Vlogged about "Bad Romance". Gretchen McNeil started it off for Monday (follow the other links to the other days to watch the rest--way worth it, especially when one of them sings Lady Gaga! So awesome).

I'm not going to go into everything they talked about concerning bad romance. You're just going to have to go watch them (yes, I'm making you work for it! -gasp-) But they are very much worth watching. What I AM going to do is talk about the kinds of romances we as writers (and readers) find attractive.

So tell me, regardless of genre, what attracts you to a romance? The "love at first sight", the "I hate you, wait I don't, let's get married", or the "he doesn't like me, he does like me, he doesn't like me" type? Or something else altogether? I'll do a follow up post next week about why I think some romances work and some don't.

Speak up!


  1. Um, you know I'm not normal, right? So with that caveat, I love romance that is messed up. Where the two people are utterly mismatched or misguided or facing completely rational obstacles to their love, but still manage to triumph over reason and good intentions to love each other.

    As a writer, that's what I like, too. I like making readers say, "God, I don't know how you do it. They shouldn't be together, it's just wrong, but I was rooting for them."

  2. I love flawed romance: when there's chemistry, and plenty of heat, and a certain amount of willingness, but plenty of character flaws and/or obstacles in the way that trip up every stage of the getting-together.

  3. Congratulations on the baby turning 1, Christa! :)

    I love romance where the two people's flaws keep them apart (rather than there being a Big Misunderstanding) and these flaws aren't easily overcome or reconciled.

  4. I agree with the flawed romance, but in a realistic way. Where they mesh, the have chemistry but things aren't easy for them. But they end up together in the end.:)

  5. Wow, seems to be a common theme between everyone so far! Very interesting. Thanks for responding, guys!


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