Thursday, February 25, 2010

Good News Thursday

Today has been a great, positive day for a lot of people I know. So let me start congratulating some!

First, a HUGE congrats to YA author Jennifer Walkup, who I had the honor of beta reading for, and her AWESOME "acquisition"of literary agent Kathleen Ortiz of Barbara Lowenstein. Champaign to you, Jenn, that's so freakin' fantastic!! Salute! And I'm sending a bunch of dancing puppies your way for celebration.

Second, to my new neighbor and fellow YA writer, Tiffany Neal, and my writing friend R. A. Burrell, who both got to the next round of ABNA (Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award). Abso-bloomin-lutely awesome! Good luck in the next round, guys.

Last, the results of the truths within the lies (see here for explanation):

1. When I was in third grade, I stuck my tongue in an ice cube box (yes, A Christmas Story was the inspiration) on a dare from my brother. It got stuck there, along with some skin after getting it pulled off. Lie- this was my older brother, and I dared him.
2. I once flew out to NY to meet some online guy friends when I was 18, upon which I ended up the only girl on a school roof while the guys were peeing off of it. When cops were sighted, I was the last to jump off. True! I know, crazy, right? I was 18, and the world was my oyster,
3. I've been to 25 of the 50 states, most of them road trips. Ug. Lie. Only been to *counts* Um, 5 states, not including Texas, and not including drivebys.
4. I met my husband when I was Daffy Duck and he was Batman. Love at first sight. True! Long, horribly romantic story I'll have to share at another point in time.
5. I broke my femur while trying motor cross and it hurt like bloody hell. I never rode again after that. Lie. That would be my husband. Hence the batman. He liked stunts.
6. I dropped Big A on her head when she was a baby. Husband never lets me live it down. Lie. Again, husband. And technically, she rolled off the changing table, and bounced off an open drawer before landing on the floor. Yeah . . . and to think he's more safety freakish than I am!
7. I got pulled over once and had to take a sobriety test. It was late, I hadn't been drinking (but was tired) and I failed! I was taken to the police station until my parents came to get me out. Um, mortifying. Lie. My mom got pulled over though, and was the inspiration for this.

And there you have it! Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!


  1. Aw, thanks for the shout out and the dancing puppies!!!:)

  2. Ah. You dropped child on head!! Yay, I'm not the only one!

    And you are DANGEROUS jumping off roofs and hanging out with online, peeing boys... :)

    Thanks for the shout out! Oh yeah, and thanks for telling me, or I'd have no clue!!

  3. Of course, you two! And haha, Tiffany, you crack me up! You woulda' figured it out eventually, I'm sure ;) You smart!

  4. Just wanted you to know I mentioned you on my blog today. Hopefully, you'll pick up a few of my followers. Have a great weekend! Thanks again for the award.

    Lynnette Labelle

  5. Such a crack up. So love your lies and not lies. And am so coming back again.

    PS Once bumped my baby's head on the corner of the changing table. Next day, husband had big piece of foam taped on that corner. Forget cuteness and Architectural Digest quality of room. Safety first. Good thing we're a pair. He's Daffy.

  6. JD, thanks for stopping by! That's hilarious, I'm surprised my hubs didn't do something like that. Hard to blame him, though, they ARE slippery suckers.

  7. Ah! I missed your reveal! I am so bad at keeping up with blogs. *sigh* I love that you stole things from other people's lives to be your lies since I did the same thing. ha! We are writers - if it's not bolted down, we take it!

  8. lol! No prob, Tracy, I loved yours, btw!