Monday, February 8, 2010

Make Overs and Link Love

Just an FYI, I'm going to be messing with my layout (time for a make over!) so hang in there if things look weird!

I wanted to pass along some linky love, it's been awhile, so here we go:

Guide to Literary Agents is holding a contest judged by Jennifer Laughran (of Andrea Brown Lit) for your first 150-200 words of your shiny, completed, perfected YA or MG manuscript. Check out the deets!

Writers, you have a revised query you're not sure is "there" yet? Check out KT Lit's Daphne (agent Kate Schafer Testerman) who frequently posts "About My Query" where she puts her thoughts, and readers can put theirs.

Another place to go for your query is the Query Ninja, Elana Johnson, at QueryTracker. Her info is at the bottom of her latest Query Ninja post!

Think you're up for reviewing an Arc? Checking out The Hiding Spot's Traveling Arc Tours to see if you're the type they're looking for to read and review on your blog.

And that's it! Now hopefully I'll be posting Teaser Tuesday on a new, shiny, pretty blog layout.


  1. ohhh I now can't read your blog at ALL lol I had to highlight it and paste it into a word document!

  2. Really?? I can see it fine. Oh no, this stinks!