Saturday, February 13, 2010

Nightmares Come to Life

For those that might not know, I'm a multi-tasking fiend with my life. For some crazy reason, I feel compelled to do a million things at once. Currently, that would include being a mom (um, no choice there--not that I would want to CHANGE that, k? K. ), doing the writing thing (I need to start on my next WIP soon, plus you know, the social networking, the querying, the this, the that...), and finishing my bachelors degree, not to mention the normal day-to-day crap.

Because of this, I've decided to use a calendar. Yes, it sounds like a completely logical thing to do that I should've been doing for a while now, but I'm what you call a chaotic soul. Not that I like chaos, or thrive on it, I certainly try to stay organized. But a lot of the time, it's like my own brain is out to get me. So yes, the calendar idea was one of those "I'm-an-idiot-I-should-have-done-this-before" things.

Included on my list of events other than dance class, pre-K (um, not for me), doc appointments, etc. are when I have to take my tests for school. I take online classes. Convenient, woot! This week, my test for government was on Friday. I spent all week prepping and studying, and Thursday night went over all my notes before getting ready to hit the hay. I decided to check the class online to see if any discussions had been posted and, to my horror, see an announcement saying something along the lines of: "A reminder that you have until 11pm, on Feb. 11th, to take your test.") Feb. 11, as in THURSDAY, Feb. 11, NOT Friday Feb. 12.

I have to wonder which is worse, this, or walking into class realizing I was still only in my under garments. Yeah, okay, I'm modest, so the latter would be way worse, but still. I don't know WHY I put on my calendar the 12th (all the other tests are on a Friday, mind you) but I did. And now I have a big whopping zero for my first test in government. Talk about total shameful suckage. Ug!

I did e-mail the teacher, but have yet to hear a response, and can't help the mischievous part of me that hopes this snowpocalypse of weather will somehow help this crappy outcome. Wish me luck!


  1. oh no!! I hope your teacher takes pity on you :-(

  2. Maybe if you just ramble on about random things to her, like I did to the cop, and throw in a broken window here, and a sick in the head there, she won't be able to figure out what's going on. A confused teacher = a happy student. Before she's even aware of what's happening, she will allow you to take the test and done. If you need any lessons on rambling, I'll be happy to help. :) I'm a quite successful rambler.

  3. Thanks Sarah, and Tiff, you crack me up! What's weird is all of the announcements have been taken down since Friday (the snowpocalypse day), the only announcement up now is from the first day of school. This is odd. Not sure what to think, but I'm crossing my fingers. The campus is closed until Monday so we'll see what happens!


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