Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Opposites Attract

Does anyone else get Paula Abdul stuck in their head when you see this particular phrasing of words? Man, I'm old. Feels like ages ago I was belting out Paula on my bed, swinging on my bedpost. But, so far, it seems to be true. I asked last week what kind of romance attracts you as a reader, and pretty much everyone (that commented) came to the agreement they like the un-love-at-first-sight relationships. Is it the build up we're all waiting for? The fact we KNOW their true feelings even if they don't know it yet and we're reading just to get to that point when they finally figure it out?

If this is the case, I'm curious to know how to keep readers continuously interested in a relationship when it becomes a series. The build up has already happened. So, what, throw a bunch of conflict at 'em and see how it goes? I'm guessing that's the answer.

And now it's my turn to let my brain sort of go all over the place. But I'll keep it short.

I had a blast at my writer's workshop tonight, and actually got to meet a blog friend for the first time! Apparently, we're neighbors! Who woulda' thunk it. But driving home, listening to the music (my favorite time to plot) I started thinking about my first chapter of a new ms to follow Mythic. Now I'm itching to write it, but am not sure how to squeeze in the time.

How do you handle the itch? When life seems to throw all sorts of crap at ya, and Lord forbid you get time to sit and actually write, what do you do?


  1. Hi ChristaCarol :)
    Thank you for the update post.
    Life's funny that way - re- blog friend being your neighbour!
    When I get that overwhelming itch to write & don't have the time - I excuse myself to the bathroom, lock the door & jot down the salient points I want down before I forget.
    All the best,

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  3. When I have a new idea that has to be written, I just fit it in. I write every night and whenever I can (I actually blogged about that last week). Funny about opposites attract. I loved old Paula Abdual.

  4. I think of romantic situations like all those tv shows we watch that have "that couple" that you spend 3 seasons watching them not-quite-get-together...and it drives you nuts. Then BAM! The big moment happens...think Ross and Rachel...Luke and Lorelai...Kermit and Miss Piggy (LOL). It's wonderful, but then all the suspense and reason to watch the show is over, and they have to throw all kinds of obstacles at them to keep it interesting.

  5. RKCharron- Oh, the bathroom trick. I've never done that. Maybe I should!

    Jenn- I admire you. Your motivation is inspiring!

    And Sharla, great comparison! Gives me something to chew on. Thanks guys!