Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good News Thursday

Hope everyone is having a great week so far. Hump day is past, and only one day left to go! With that, here is some "Good News" for today:

The Great Expectations Contest for my regional RWA announced winners this weekend. I placed 3rd!

Secondly, I want to announce a friend of mine getting an agent but am waiting on her okay to do so. Will edit here when/if I get the go ahead!

Contests (because who doesn't like 'em?)
  • The Hiding Spot is giving away VINTAGE VERONICA by Erica S. Pearl.
  • Agent Suzie Townsend is giving away a copy of HOURGLASS, the third in Claudia Grey's Evernight series.
  • The wonderful and ever-talented ladies, Laura & Lisa, are giving away THE BODY FINDER by Kimberley Derting (and go check out the review!)
  • Writers, write a blog, win a book! Check out Corrine Jackson and her Writing Process series to get more deets on the contest.
  • Keep an eye on QueryTracker's blog, I here Monday they will post a new contest!
  • Also on Monday, agent Kathleen Ortiz will announce her EPIC CONTEST. Prizes include an 8 minute skype conversation with her and agent Suzie Townsend. Snap!
Other cool stuff:

Krista V. interviewed Mary Kole of Andrea Brown Literary Agency. And The Knight Agency is having another chat tonight, 9pm EST.

Also, I'm going to be announcing my own contest soon since I'm nearing 100 blogger followers and 400 twitter followers. I'm figuring out what to giveaway as we speak! Er, read?

And lastly, I have to share this, because it's good news for me. We (my husband and I) are in production of the book trailer for MYTHIC. Here is the 3D image that will show up near the end of the trailer:

MythicTitleGraphicSMALL.jpg picture by ChristaCarol

Is this totally rockin' or what?

And if the smiley face flag didn't make you smile, maybe this will:

Go to fullsize imageShine On!


  1. Aw, love the kiddo picture--she totally looks like you! And oooohhh, agent news--is it someone I know? Is it, is it?

    Wait a're not talking about the old "hypothetical" friend, are you????????


  2. Great news, indeed. I can't wait to see your book trailer!!!

  3. LOL no, it's someone you know that was all about the NON-news!

    And thanks about the bebe, she keeps me on my toes and that's an understatement!

  4. Great info here! Thanks for sharing. Love the three D pic. Is that the beginning of the trailer and have you finished it yet? Oh, and your daughter is adorable. lol She did make me smile.

  5. Can't wait to see your book trailer!!!

    Excellent week so far thanks to tomorrow being Friday!!!!

    Cute little girl!!!

    Happy Thursday (Happy Friday!!!)

  6. Happy Thursday and yay for good news and contests!:)

    Your little one is soooo cute! How old is she? If I remember correctly, your kids are similar in age to my little monsters, er, kids.:)

  7. Mary, thanks! It's still in production (the trailer). Not sure where that image is going, probably the end. Thanks! She makes me smile, too (most days anyway)

    Jen, OMG I need your energy. Whatever you're drinking, send it my way! Happy Friday!

    Jenn, yes! She is 1 and the other is 4 (5 in July, I remember them being the same. And yes, they are monsters (many days out of the week). But thankfully, lovable ones! The cuteness definitely works in their favor.