Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Feeding the Muse

So I didn't get up a Good News Thursday because after a friend of mine insisted I audition for GLEE, I swear something in Myspace crashed my PC. I'm currently using my husband's, as mine is still giving me the Blue Screen of Death. And no worries, my audition somehow didn't go through, either. I searched but couldn't find it, so I'm thinking I had some major computer failure yesterday. Ah well. I doubt I'll ever be brave enough to post the actual audition. It was Avril Lavine's "Keep Holding On". Maybe I should hold a poll? *snort*

Anyway! Today's Feeding the Muse is something simple, because I'm in a simple-minded mood right now.

Chocolate Pretzels

You need:
  • Favorite chocolate (dark, milk, white) in the chip form
  • Pretzels (go figure)
  • Sprinkles (if you so desire
  • Wax paper or a really good spatula and your counter

  1. Melt the chocolate in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring after each.
  2. Put the sprinkles (if you want them) in a bowl.
  3. When chocolate is nice and melted, dip pretzels in bowl (using either tongs or forks, or fingers and only partially submerging) then dip in sprinkles, and lay on wax paper to harden.
  4. Once you have your desired amount, put in fridge to speed up the process and munch away!
Enjoy the snack that is sure to inspire your muse and

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  1. Funny I'm eating pretzals right now but not anything like those. Mmmm.

  2. Less cooking, save time to work on your audition: you know you want to ;)

  3. Ooo I wish I could eat pretzels. *drool*

  4. Thanks guys! Haha, Elaine :P All I can say is "yeah right". ;) Sara, why on earth can't you? Happy Friday all!

  5. I like the look of those pretzels - yum!! Have a great weekend :)

  6. Hey, my PC melted down this week, too. My husband fixed it, thank goodness, but 1 motherboard & $400 later (sigh).

    PS: I love me some chocolate dipped pretzels. Almost as good as chocolate chip waffles. :)

  7. Terresa, what a bummer! Mine is still dead. And I have all sorts of pics and stuff I can't get back on the hard drive, too :( Thank goodness not any of my manuscripts.

    Anything with chocolate is good in my book!

    Jemi, hope your weekend has been good!

  8. I agree; anything with chocolate is good in my book too!

  9. Chocolate pretzels are my husband's fave snack. These look fabulous. Thanks!

  10. Dawn,they are! And your welcome, hope they turn out as good as Ann's! (thanks for stopping by, ladies!)

    Have a fab weekend!