Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Infatuation Replaces Good News Thursday

Hello, my name is ChristaCarol Jones, and I'm a writerholic.

One thing I love about going to things like conferences is the inspiration and motivation floating in the air like a contagious disease. Ever since returning, all I think, breathe, sleep are my stories. Every waking minute I want to write, even when it's completely impossible. Study for algebra? Pffft. Relaxing day at the spa? Hah! Give me some good tunes and silence, and let me type until my fingers fall off, please.

(Well, I *am* going to get a weekend OFF...that's right...VACATION TIME all weekend in a few weeks. Away from kids. Away from loving hubs. Just me, with no responsibility. I plan on then visiting the spa, and....yes, you guessed it, writing!)

I had so much fun at the conference I actually forgot to take many pictures. The two I'll share are Tiffany and I reading the same book (no, this wasn't planned!) up above, and my other awesome YA friend, Jenny (from Book Binge) at one of the agent parties.

DSCN5365.jpg picture by ChristaCarol

I really wish I had more pictures to share, it really was an amazing time. Sick of hearing that yet? But because of my mind being completely ruled by my muse, Good News Thursday is pretty much all about me blabbering about this conference, missing the great friends I got to meet up with, and my WIPs. MYTHIC, of course, has not been a WIP for a while, and all I want to say is keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

I have the MG, which I've tentatively titled The Cloud Crystal, that I'm slowly making progress on. And a new YA non-fantasy contemporary that I'm just now plotting. I also have another YA fantasy I've plotted already, fermenting in my head until I'm ready to release it on PC? I've never had the problem of multiple projects, so we'll see how I deal. I'm looking forward to my Wed. night meet-ups with DFW Writers' Workshop, and my weekend meetups with Tiffany. There are days I sort of wish I wasn't in school, just for the sake of time and stress. But I really want my Bachelors, too. At least it's only part time. And so far, I'm making a B+ in both classes, that counts for something, right?

So I think I've blabbed enough! I'd love to know if you have any good news to share or things to blab about. Or, since I failed my duty of linking to contests, if you have one to talk about, you know what to do!

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  1. Enjoy your weekend away, sans-family and write write write until your fingers fall off. I am also a writerholic.:)

  2. I love that word -- writerholic. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks, Jenn! I definitely will. I'm glad to know more writerholics. Maybe I should start the WA.

  4. You should start the WA. Hi, my name is Sharla and I'm a writerholic. It's been 2 hours since my last binge.

    Wish we could go back to a conference monthly just to get that boost...that high we come home on. At least you have the workshop...I soooo wish I could be local for that. Awesomeness for yall!

    Great to meet you in person! Too funny because I recognized you and Tiffany right away just from blog pics.

  5. I'm a writerholic too! My poor husband gets tired of listening to it!!! Nice to know you =)

  6. I know, Sharla, you should just move up here for the sake of me and the workshop. ;)

    T. Anne, glad to have you here! Yes, my kids and husband are frequently neglected. If only I could have real office hours, then it would all work out, right??

  7. How very exciting! You're at the spot I love to be in--shiny new ideas, agent/editor interest in finished projects, and CONFERENCES.

    Enjoy it!

    (And have a great weekend!)

  8. The conference sounds amazing. How I envy you. As a overworked blood courier, I do not think I'll ever be able to go to one. But I can dream. Thanks for a lovely blog. Roland

  9. Wow the conference sounded amazing! And have fun on your SPA WEEKEND!!!