Sunday, April 4, 2010

Needs a Stop Button for Eating Candy

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Hope everyone had a peachy weekend! Mine was filled with clouds, drizzle, lots of family, lots of eggs, and lots of candy.

Quick note: The Greatest Blog Contest EVAR ends Monday, 12pm PST (just because it's always EST and I wanna show some west coast love). You still have a chance to enter and win one of several books! I'll announce the winner with my teaser Tuesday.

What are your plans for the week? I'm starting to get a little spastic about the DFW Writers' Conference coming up in 5 days! Squee! It's going to be such a blast, and I know my brain is going to grow ten times larger. Speaking of my brain growing, that algebra test I scored a B on? Yeah well, my teacher posted the actual grades on Friday....


I went into shock again.

Also, I'm sure this is hard to believe *wink* but I'll be turning the big 3-0 in exactly one week. GAH! I don't feel 30, not anywhere close to 30. Which is why I'll write YA the rest of my life. Makes me feel younger *snort*. No, really. Besides, mentally, I'm stuck somewhere (waaaaay) back in the age frame anyway. I'll never mentally see myself older than say, 23. Yeah, that sounds good.

Physically is another thing all together. Let's just not go there. I did win a free airbrush tan. THAT was fun and my husband likes me with a tan so now I'm trying to find out ways to afford it all the time. :->

I have realized each year I get older is another year I find something I enjoy doing I use to never do (like pedicures, spa massages, tanning, etc.) I guess with age, you learn pampering = good and feeling young? Or you just get smarter? *shrug*

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  1. I passed 30 quite a while back & still haven't tried a manicure or pedicure :) One of these days...

    Actually I've never found any of the milestone birthdays a big deal. It's all in the mindset :)

  2. I bet you're right, about the mindset. Honestly, feels just like another b-day to me. Except it involved more alcohol and karaoke. :P Which, really, could be any birthday. And yes, you should get yourself a mani/pedi! So nice :)

  3. Congrats on the A!

    And turning 30? pphht! My *baby* brother turned 28 last Friday. Actually, I love being in my 30s. So much less pressure - ha!

  4. OMG, I'm leaving my 30's soon. It goes by. So. Fast. Have a great BD!

  5. Ink, Lydia, I've been told 30s are the best. I've also heard "Dirty 30s" so I'm not sure which to expect except what I make it, which: will. be. Awesome. :-D

  6. Argh! And in an effort not to spoil my kids over the weekend, I bought little, and haven't had enough candy.!

  7. Oh no! Can I mail you some? I have enough for like, 5 families!

  8. Congrats on the A! And our birthday's are close together... I'm April 12! (I'm turning 15 though ;) )

  9. No, our birthdays are the same! I'm April 12, too! (I posted this for Monday's post a little early, whoops :P)

    Hannah has our birthday, too, right?

  10. I need one of those stop buttons for candy too.

    Great blog, Christa!

  11. Thanks, Jackee!

    and for the candy?


    Still going. So much for any diet plan!