Monday, August 9, 2010

Scholarly Complaints and Free Conferences

Hellooooo out there. Summer school is almost over, THANK GOD. I'm so tired of this class. It's sad, really. I was looking forward to World Literature, but honestly, the enjoyment of the class is all about the teacher. The teacher makes the class tolerable or utterly destroys any chance of someone liking it. Plus, having to read fifty pages every day doesn't help. Mental note: never take a class over the summer that might involve a lot of reading. Seriously. There's a reason I'm taking night school, I have things going on during the day. Finding time to read 50+ pages of someone's work everyday is nearly impossible and harder to really bite into like I would have wanted with this class. I mean, some of these authors are pure inspiration for me, but I barely have a chance to enjoy their work. Sucks. At least I'm finally learning how to use Power Point in an affective way. I get to do an oral presentation about the unfortunate short life of John Keats. Woot!

I'm also prepping for WriteOnCon! Starts tomorrow, who else is joining me there? For those that haven't heard about it, it's a FREE online writer's conference full of great workshops, agents and editors, so get your behind over there and register if you haven't already! Did I mention it was free?

And I'm so stoked about today! For the first time ever I get to take my kid school clothes shopping! (I'd say "Back to School" shopping, but this is her first time in school, so eh....) Wish me luck that I don't break the bank! ;-)

I should be getting back into the normal blogging schedule come fall semester. Until then, still random posts. Remember to keep shining on!


  1. Yay for WriteOnCon! I'm so excited :-D

    Good luck with the shopping.

  2. WriteOnCon is going to be epic!!

  3. Yaaay! We're SO Excited about Writeoncon too!

    It promises to be awesome!

  4. Of course it'll be awesome! I'm wondering if any of you guys will be getting any sleep the next few days! And thanks, Sarah!! We had an absolute BLAST!


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