Monday, March 7, 2011

Things That Make You Happy

Recently, I discovered Oh She Glows, and this lady has THE BEST healthy recipes that my kids LOVE and so do I! I've come to realize, after baking and cooking from scratch 4 days in a row, cooking is my natural happy pill! I've been walking around the house smiling and happy and wondering why (you know, not that I'm always grumpy but it's just not usual for me to be THIS energetic). Then I realized I just got done baking with my littlest (who just LOVES being a chef) and that must be why. 

This always puts me in a very motivated mood. It left me wondering what things other people might do that give them a natural high? Anything help you get energetic and ready to conquer the world?


  1. Just read your comment on my blog post and I literally laughed out loud at the thought of keeping your characters in line because you could kill them off so you hold that over them. Funny!!

    Geeky answer to your question is "new writing". Yeah, I know. Not original. But plugging out new words on a page...that I know is actually good stuff and not crotch-rot...THAT makes me giddy. My husband will just look at me like I'm high or something, but I can't help it. It's the best rush.

    Wish I could say baking does it for me. It doesn't. It does at Christmas, that's the only time I get to act like June Cleaver and my family thinks it's hysterical.

  2. Hmm... Writing something else motivates me.

    But it also distracts me...

    But I am getting to a point where I have to do something...

    So... I'm probably going to work on something else tomorrow.


  3. I have to agree, writing something new does it for me too. That new rush of butterflies at being in love with "someone" new. The someone of course being the new book! And glad to make you laugh, Sharla! Hee!

    Good luck, Misha!


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