Tuesday, August 9, 2011

And 3 Makes a Crowd (but a much loved one!)

Those who read this will be glad it is going to be shorter than the previous entries. Three kids is a lot of work! Especially when two of them are rather high maintenance! I also realized I haven't shared Alaina's Caringbridge site here. At least I don't think I have. It's very possible I have, my memory isn't worth much these days. You can visit her site and get updates at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/alainajones

I'm really tired these days and last week got over being sick from something. Allergies, probably, but I was hoarse over the weekend. Being a mom and being hoarse are not things that go hand in hand. Especially when you have two girls going at each other over silly things. They seem to be better now, but poor Averie is getting sick of being bullied. It isn't that we allow Alaina to behave like this but more of not being able to intervene quick enough. Immobile or not, the little toot is quick. It's quit a site to see her crawl after her sister in a speedy fashion with her chompers open. Anyway, yes, tired. Anderson is a great baby but you know, he's a hungry fella', so he's up at midnight (so I stay up until then to feed him before going to bed...probably not the best idea as it hits me after a few days but I also never get to do anything until after the kids are in bed anyway), 3 or 4 am, and then 7ish. Not to mention Alaina wakes up throughout the night with nightmares/bad dreams (are they the same thing?) and sometimes ends up in our bed. And then Averie feels left out so has to sleep in our bed every once in a while. This will stop when school starts. I've given her the heads up on this a few times, though I'm sure she's "forgotten" it by now. Selective memory seems to form around age 6, I've learned.

With that said, I'm exhausted. I'm feeling better emotionally. I know my baby girl will concur this, but hate the road she has to go down in order to do that. She's so little and though smart and understands a lot for her age, still doesn't understand it completely. I hate all the medicine she has to take and doesn't want to, all the pokes she has to get in her chest and all the times we have to take adhesive off of her sensitive skin and all the bad dreams she has and her lack of appetite and soon, her lack of energy and not feeling well when the chemo gets to her good cells and effects her immune system. It isn't fair to any child, baby or adolescent, that has to go through this. We are so blessed that the studies for childhood leukemia has come a long way and there is such a great support system for families. And NOW I'm off to do laundry and dishes and it's almost midnight. I need a robot maid or something.

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  1. Hello, Ms. Jones - I write an in-house newsletter for Regency Beauty Institute, and I learned of the Arlington campus' blood drive for Alaina held Aug. 2. I'm deeply touched by your story and by your powerful telling of it. I'm proud of our staff and students, too. I plan to excerpt from your blog and include a link to the CaringBridge site. Let me know if there are any updates; I'll be wrapping up this story tomorrow at noon if you'd like to add anything. Best wishes to you and your family, and we'll keep you in our prayers.
    Dale Dallabrida