Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Light the Night

Other than bruising all over the place, Alaina has been doing good. Her eye was a bit droopy this morning thanks to the Vinecristine chemo (it messes with the nerves, and droopy eyelids are one symptom that's not uncommon). This week is only a one day clinic week but still hectic because of her counts. They were low (hemoglobin and platelets) on Monday so we go back in tomorrow to get a CBC, and if she needs either blood or platelets or both, she'll stay all day on Thursday. We're hoping next week she'll have off while we wait for counts to go up before entering the next phase of her chemotherapy: Interim Maintenance. But, enough of all that for now. What I REALLY want to talk about is LIGHT THE NIGHT! (Alaina was honored at another Light the Night this past month thanks to the world of facebook bringing me closer to others fighting against blood cancer).

On October 23, in less than a month, our family and lots of friends will be walking in honor of Alaina, and raising money to help this amazing cause which helps those with blood cancer live better, longer lives (n a nutshell). I have a widget over there on the right of this column. Please, donate and/or join the team and help raise donations to meet our goal. For those that live in the area, we'd love for you to walk with TEAM ALAINA! We'll even have TEAM ALAINA T-shirts for the first handful of people (we're hoping a lot of people will join us, of course, but not sure we can afford to get a ton of shirts made...)

Cancer sucks. Help make it less sucky for future patients/victims and honor our precious girl Alaina! Help us light the night with red balloons!

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