Saturday, June 29, 2013

Trade the Day!

This is my daily acceptance. Life is chaotic, especially with 3 kids under the age of 8 and only one in school. With summer here, the chaos is a different kind, one without school routines and early bedtimes. It's a more flexible, wild chaos of staying up late, having sporadic routine, and just plain attempting to have fun! It's tiring, though.

It's been a whole year since I've posted. Alaina, my kiddo who was diagnosed with leukemia, is doing fabulous and ends treatment in October. My eledest is about to be in 3rd grade *sniff*, my baby just turned two and is as mischievous as ever, and I'm about to publish my first book on Kindle! I figured the blog needed a revamp.

While I'm convinced I'm certifiably insane to try and ease my way back into writing, what with my school coming to an end and student teaching just around the corner, on top of everything else going on, it just feels like the right thing to do for some reason. It was a very random thing, really. A few nights ago it just popped in to my head like the voice of God! I like to think I listen to him :)

Coming soon is this amazing blog-a-thon led by an even more amazing writer, Colby Marshall. In honor of the release of her new book, and in honor of my daughter (who Colby named a minor character after when Alaina was diagnosed), and in honor of all of those people fighting the bitch that is cancer, Colby is holding Trade the Day on August 23. All proceeds from purchases of her book made that day will go directly to Team Alaina! So ladies and gents, mark it on your calendar. Check out the link. It tells you all the super authors and agents that will be part of the, there are prizes!

Hopefully I will actually keep up with this blog now :) Until my next post, Shine on!

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