Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sometimes Ya Just Need To Clone Yourself

For some reason, I've been made the type to want to do everything at once, all the time. Not that I ever regret it, but more that I just can't do AS much as I really want to....right now, I'm trying to update my website, outline the sequel to MagicBound, continue writing the middle grade book my daughter loves and wants to collaborate with me about so that I can finish it....choreograph The Magical Land of Oz production at an awesome summer theater workshop (which is so much fun and whooping my butt, but I love it!), and continue getting my school work done. Not to mention the extra things, like finish my kids' annual DVDs (I'm almost 2 years behind now...) and random house projects that always get put off as the last priority.

Such is the way with a house ran by creative people. My husband has been working overtime as well, writing, shooting, directing, producing, and editing a commercial. Which, by the way, is looking spectacular! But sometimes, I just wish I had a clone to do some of my extra things. A personal assistant wouldn't do, because they don't have my brain and don't have the same thoughts as I do...creative work is tricky, yo. But a clone....if I could go all Star Wars and just adopt a clone, that would be awesomesauce. I'm sure I'd regret it later, and it wouldn't be worth all the effort, once it turns on me and tries to kill me to take my place....but as of right now, it just sounds relieving to think about.

What would you do if you had a clone? I think I'd have mine work on the website, first.


  1. If you figure out how, let me know asap!

  2. lol, sure, but you have to sign a liability waiver first so that if your clone turns on you, I'm not responsible!! :P


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