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April Excerpt Monday

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I discovered this cool place, hosted by Bria Quinlan and Mel/Alexia Reed and realized I had to join in. So, the third Monday of every month, I'll be a part of Excerpt Monday, where a group of writers link to each other's writing snippets. On those weeks, I'll not post a Teaser Tuesday. In fact, tomorrow will maybe have something to do about writing formula's, assuming I can write the blog (have ANOTHER algebra test to study for, ag!).

So, without further ado, my first entry into Excerpt Monday is from my completed ms, MYTHIC. I may be brave enough to post next week's Teaser from my new WIP, but not today. For those reading this piece for the first time, Jessa is the MC, the new "Hercules", though she's realized she might not want that title. Thanatos, the god of Death, is using his power of influence on her to bring her to the Underworld....


“Where are you going?” Cynthia asked. Her brutal tone returned.

Where was I going? “It’s time,” I heard myself say. My feet moved on their own, oblivious to my mind screaming to stop. Hypnos had no power on me, so why did Thanatos?

A full fledged freak-attack was an under-statement. Inside, I clawed at my mind for some sort of control, but could only watch helplessly as my body moved through the tiled kitchen hallway and into the dining room. This was worse than last night. Being paralyzed from looking at his eyes was one thing, but to have him manipulate my body like a puppet?

Beyond the cherry wood dining table and six fancy chairs were the windows facing the backyard. I couldn’t see him waiting. That didn’t stop my feet or my spirit’s longing.

“Jessa?” Henry now. I couldn’t turn and look. Didn’t want to.

I had to get outside. I had to find him, see his eyes, watch the River Styx ripple in his gaze. Nothing mattered anymore. Only to satisfy my craving, get to him before they could stop me. My fear didn’t make sense anymore. A thought touched my brain, soft and breezy as a feather. Thanatos would help. Everything would be okay.

My hand felt the cool metal of the knob as I turned it, opened the door, and stepped out. The center of the backyard was nothing but grass. A short crape myrtle near the back fence fluttered pink blossoms to the ground.

And in a ripple of colors, Thanatos materialized, standing in the center of the grass. He looked like an angel. I’d never seen his wings before, white feathers tinted blue against the afternoon sun and spanned wide behind him. Silently, he called to me. I held onto my breath, feeling parts of my soul slipping out of my grasp. I had no feeling, no thought. Everything was distant, numb. Beautiful.

My focus sharpened like it had in battle. The flecks of his eyes shifted, misting over into a river. But it was a different river this time. Not black like Styx, but a deep blue. Lethe, the river of forgetfulness.

Thanatos opened his arms. I felt his invisible tug on my core. Whispers gently touched the edges of my numb consciousness. Lethe would fill my emptiness. Everything would be okay. Come to Thanatos.

I heard Cynthia and Henry scramble out the backdoor.

“What the hell is going on?” said Cynthia.

They couldn’t see him? Made things easier, I guessed. I reached out to Thanatos.

I’ll take away the hurt. You’ll be normal again. A trip through the river and you’ll remember none of this. Your soul will be cleansed.

Cleansed. A cleansed soul sounded good. It’d be like waking up from a bad dream, but for real this time. No more gods hunting me down and no more ugly monsters trying to shred me to pieces. No more having to deal with saving the world while balancing my normal life, no more secrets from my mom and friends. No more Cynthia and no more Henry.

No more Paul.

My feet stopped. Would he just be a dream stuffed away into my subconscious? Thanatos pulled again, like he’d lassoed my soul and wasn’t going to let go that easily.

Paul. I closed my eyes, saw him hold me, kiss the top of my head, pull away to see my face while in a timeless place full of golden sunlight, warmth and eternal love. That didn’t exist. It hadn’t existed, not with me but with Amara. I was just an image that stirred up old memories for Paul. If he cared as much as in that vision, why had he left so easily? I let out what I expected would be my last breath on earth before Thanatos took me to the Underworld to make me normal, and opened my eyes. “I’m ready.”

A blinding light blinked in the sky. It fell to the earth like a giant blue-flamed meteorite, streaked across the backyard, and slammed into Thanatos. My soul snapped back in place. I gasped, staggered back. Every original thought that belonged to me shattered the wall Thanatos had somehow built around my mind. Holy hell. A raging headache pulsed against my skull. I caught my breath and looked up. Within the amazing ball of light, I saw him. Paul was back.

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  1. Wow, that was fantastic. I got totally into it! And I'd love to know who Paul is...

  2. Another WOW! I was completely hooked. Amazing. And I want to know who Paul is, too. Welcome to EM!! Hope you bring some more of this next month!

  3. This was SO good! I'm a huge myth buff and I loved the way you played with that. Great job!

  4. LOVED your voice! I was floored by this line 'River Styx ripple in his gaze'.

  5. This is great, Christa! You've got voice in spades. Can't wait to read more!

  6. Interesting idea.

    And I gave you an award today over on my blog.

    WORD VERIFICATION: subject. (Come on, where's the slbettez?)

  7. Alexia, L&L, thanks! I remember way back when this was still a WIP being concerned about the voice, so it's always good to hear it's working.

    Krista, on my way to check it out. Thanks hun :)

  8. Wow, that was a kick-ass scene. I loved, especially, the description of Thanatos--I love it when visual descriptions create feeling in the reader (as it did for me) and hints at the inside of that being. Plus, being a fan of Freud, I love the idea of ego, superego, and thanatos. Thanks for posting. And thanks for the kind words on my blog! Very glad I get to follow you now.

  9. I always love reading from Mythic! I can't wait for you to get it repped and pubbed!!! That way I can buy it and read to my hearts content! Very good job on the descriptions. I felt like I could see the backyard. :)

  10. Love it - but you knew that! You picked an excellent line to end that on. :-)

  11. Very cool, Christa! I love the way you show the tension between her thoughts and what he's making her think. Well done. :)

  12. Samuel, oh wow, love you pointed out the Freudian thing! Though when I was thinking of it, I wasn't specifically thinking of all of those intelligent terms ;) So glad you enjoyed it!

    Niyrak- Thank you so much for such kind words! I can't wait to get an agent and pubbed, either! Hah! ;)

    Ink & Amy, thanks so much! I'm glad you (still-Ink) enjoyed the read.