Wednesday, December 31, 2008

You Made it to 2009, Now What?

Less than 12 hours until 2008 is done and over with, and most people are eagerly or hesitantly getting ready to dive into their New Years Resolutions. I, personally, have never been a resolution person. I never make them, not in the common way I guess. I think about concrete goals I'd like to get done throughout the year, none of which ever have to do with "quitting" something. I'm not a quitter. And, hopefully, I never get into anything I'll *have* to quit.

Of course, I get to start my new year off with a new kid! That's always fun and . . . erm . . . challenging! My immediate goals are to be ready for said child, which is a bit more difficult than just painting a room and throwing furniture into it. We have 4 bedrooms, so other than ours and Averie's, we have a Play Room and a what-use-to-be office that we're in the middle of converting. Not to the nursery, no . . . we're moving the Play Room to where the office is and putting the nursery to where the Play Room was. We like making things difficult around here.

The closet in the office/new play room is much bigger, which would be perfect for all the books/crafts/supplies etc. I have for the kids (my vice is buying educational things, I seriously can't stop myself if I see a good deal on a workbook or craft supply or what-have-you). Seeing as the current Play Room is in dissarray due to my lack of organizational skills in there as of late, it's a bit of a chore moving everything from there into the old office because I'm having to find a better way of organizing it. Then, once all of THAT is moved, I (actually, husband) will move the baby furniture into the old play room, we'll paint, decorate, and viola, hopefully be done before the newbie arrives.

But enough about baby talk (even though I must mention a nice stranger-lady offered her assistance last night when I was loading the groceries. I looked pretty pathetic I'm sure, for that to have happened. I have awful sciatica and grocery shopping has now been nixed from my list of things I can do while 9 months pregnant. Unless I'm in one of those motorized carts!). Writing, writing, writing.

Other than finding The Agent, My goal is to have my WIP finished (first draft) by mid March at the latest, and to get through revisions by beginning of May. I know I can do it. Well, I say that without knowing what life will be like with two girls, but I'm convincing myself I WILL do it. No matter what. On top of attending DFW Write workshops at least twice a month, and SCBWI meetings (my local Chapter has them the end of every month).

What about your immediate plans or goals? Have a WIP you need to force yourself to finish or revise? Something that has nothing to do with writing? And Oooo, another thought, how have you changed this past year? I know I've started taking writing more seriously and now consider it a full time job (on top of motherhood), that's been a huge change in me and my life and how I do my day to day living. What about you?



  1. You WILL finish that WIP. I'm doing revising and then the agent hunt. Let's help each other along the way.

    Happy and blessed New Year, and welcome in advance to the new Bundle. :) Hugs!

  2. Awe, congrats on the baby! What a wonderful way to start the new year :) Yay 2009!! May your goals all be met beyond your expectations!

  3. Oh, I'm going to be looking for an agent too. Race you! :)

    Hope you and your growing family have a wonderful New Year.

  4. I feel confident I will be ready to sub my WIP by the end of January! How exciting and scary at the same time. Best of luck with everything...a baby- what a ways to start the year!

  5. Best to you in the new year, especially with that baby!

  6. Angie: Let's hope so! And you bet, nothing like writing buddies in the same "boat". Happy New Year as well! -hugs-

    Sara: Thanks! You as well.

    Marian: It's on! I'm very competitive you know ;) Happy New Year!

    Colby: I know you can do it. You have all the purgatorians to keep you at your word ;)

    Janna: You too, dear!

  7. I stumbled onto your blog while navigating through a chain of others and just wanted to wish you good luck on your baby and your writing (and to offer 1000 bonus points for having the new Bond theme on your music player). I write as often as I can, but still have about a dozen half finished projects. In fact, I don't think I've ever finished one yet...

    Happy New Year