Monday, June 1, 2009

A Late Night Update

Wow, it's late! I've been working on getting up a mommy blog so I can keep this blog strictly about writing (yay for me!). But I also realized I needed to make an update on here so my lovely readers will know what to expect in the upcoming week (or two). I have a horrible neck issue that is worse when I wake up in the morning and I am hoping another visit to my doctors tomorrow will fix it (praying it's not a slipped disc or anything). Suffice to say, it's put a damper on my writing.

Soon, I will be posting an interview with fellow writer Cindy Pon, who's recent debut Silver Phoenix came out the end of April. I read it and loved it, so go buy it now! Also, a tidbit about character arcs and the protagonist versus the antagonist. 

Until then, how has everybodies May been? Can you believe it's June already? Yikes! 

1 comment:

  1. June's starting out better than the past several months. Got yard work done AND the Christmas decorations/tree down (yeah, really) over the weekend.

    Hope your neck issues are resolved easily and quickly. Good luck with the new bloggy.