Saturday, July 25, 2009

ComiCon, RWA and WIP

I have a lot of friends who went to the RWA conference last week (congrats Rosemary Clement-Moore for winning the Rita for YA!! and Candace Havens for the Pro Mentor award!) and the ComiCon this week (some I think even braved BOTH, not sure how, I'd be zonked!) And it's got me wishing I could've gone. Unfortunately, I'm poor, so attending both would be impossible, but I definitely want to try at going to one next year. So which should it be? ComiCon seems awesomely fun, and I'd totally dress up just like Cindy Pon (as Chun Li!) did. RWA also seems great, and I'm joing them in a few months (when I have the extra dough). Who has been to both? Who has been to either? Tell me what it was like and which I should choose!

On a different note, I started my new WIP last Sunday and am over the 8.5K mark! I hope by this Sunday I will reach 10K! If my muse stays like this, I may just finish the first draft before I begin school (wow, feels weird saying that. It's been years since I've been to school). This would be fantastic. So far I'm really liking the story. And the characters . . .which you know . . . is always a plus.


  1. Haven't been to Comic Con, did go to the RWA Nationals. (I actually did a small post about it on my blog, if you're interested.)

    From what I've seen, if your goal is to publish in romance at all, RWA would be the better choice. There are workshops that address both the writing and publishing aspect of the business, plus great oppotunities to rub shoulders with editors and agents.

    But what might help make up your mind are the audio recordings of the sessions. They're available for 98% of the workshops and for the next few weeks, I believe, only $99.


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