Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Things I Feel Like Talking About

As my baby decides to make her naps a whopping 30 minutes (I'm going to go nuts!) I figured I'd post what to expect this October here on the blog. I'll be interviewing Rachel Vincent, author of many books including STRAY, ROGUE, PRIDE and PREY and her newest Soul Screamer series. As well, Hannah Moskotwitz, a young author of the debut novel BREAK.

Also, I'm stoked to be registered for Con-DFW and the DFW Writers' Conference for 2010. I'd like to go to one more conference next year, in the fall....I'm thinking either SCBWI or FenCon . . . I'd love to go to Comicon, not sure I can though/ Anyone been to any of these?

I also thought of a title for my WIP, yay! Maybe now my muse will get her butt in gear with this project. I've done plenty of researching and outlining but every time I sit down to start chapter 1, I either end up staring at the screen or get interrupted by a child or life.

Okay, well, baby is fussing so I suppose we should try another 30 minute nap...


  1. Very cool! I'd SO love to go to a Con. When I sell the first thing I'm setting money aside for is a Con. Dont know which yet, but still.

  2. I want so bad to go to a Writers Conference this next year, I've never been to one. Really wanted to go to the RWA or Backspace one but the dates were bad. Mostly they are all just so expensive! Help if I lived in NY!... I'm considering the DFW conf for 2010 mostly because I can drive and stay with a friend, what can you say about it, is it good? Worth it?

  3. Sharla, totally recommend it! Register soon before the price goes up http://ow.ly/rZPM

    I went this year, and aside from a good pitch experience with an agent, I also learned a lot in the classes. It's really fun! And, you know, free lunch ... I'm always happy when free food is involved.

    I understand your problem with attending the others, like RWA and Backspace, I'd love to win a scholarship to one of those.


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