Sunday, January 2, 2011

Let Normalcy Begin Again

How was everyone's holiday? I took full advantage of my kid's 2 week vacation and decided, you know what? I'm taking one too! So it's been nothing but hanging out, playing games, new toys with kids, and you know, all the festive fun stuff, and lo and behold, my kids actually learned to sleep in (until 8!) during the 2 weeks!

But now, to get them back on schedule. D'oh! Cross your fingers for me. It's been a good break from writing and any other normal responsibility (other than the house of course) but I'm ready to get back into the swing of things. Toddler's nap time = my writing time! And school begins in two more weeks. Have any of you made resolutions? I'm not a big resolution maker. I tend to make my goals too big and unrealistic. So, my "resolution" is to keep on track with my writing, Zumba, and practice more patience with my kids. There...seems easy enough!

Happy 2011, all! Hears to getting back to normalcy with ease!



  1. Same here! I decided to try to take what time I had to play with the tot and make memories, but this next week is all about getting back to routine! It's kind of bitter-sweet.

  2. Yes, your husband got good at sleeping in too. :)

  3. Kristi, it is bitter-sweet. But, for me, good timing. This weekend I was about done with my 5-year-old lol! Enjoyed the time I had with her, but ready to send her back to school!

    Yes, honey, say farewell to those days! They'll get use to waking up at 7am or earlier again!

  4. Happy New Year lady :-) I think writing-related new years resolutions are some of the most energizing and (providing you don't set goals where the power is out of your hands) reachable resolutions you can do.

  5. You too, Kim & Michelle! And agreed about setting writing-related resolutions. :)