Friday, October 31, 2008

The ADD Writer with a Side of Bipolar

So I came up with an expression (that may or may not have been used already) a few months ago. I know I'm a "bipolar" writer, depending on what stage I'm at with my current WIP. You know, the happy-go-lucky feeling you get when you start a project, then the despaired depression in the middle, the new boost, the throw-myself-off-a-cliff attitude when you realize how much of it is all crap, the put-on-a-good-face and plow through the editing process masquerade, followed by I'm-never-going-to-write-another-book-again phase. This is all usually concluded by the "Holy crap I finished writing it, it's done, complete, fully revised, hooray!"

Which goes full circle when I think of a new WIP to work on. It's a love-hate thing, really. I hate that I go through it, but I figure these are necessary mental and emotional steps for me in getting through the novel process.

But I also think I'm ADD (I know I am as a person, but I'm talking writer here). I have this list of projects I just keep adding to. Seriously. I already have 3 screenplays in the bag, 1 in which is on it's last revision, 1 that needs major revision, and another that needs transfered to the PC. Then I think, hmmmm, I wan t to write a MG novel, I've had this idea for years, it'll be great! But oh, this other idea that's memoir/fictional-based-on-true-events type of story . . . much easier to pitch to agents than an epic fantasy, why not? And as I'm delving into the land of freelance writing and (think) have found my strength in a particular subject, I am now considering trying a non-fiction book regarding preschool and activities, lesson plans, you name it. Not to mention outlining a possible #2 fantasy that follows the current one I'm shopping (assuming, of course, it gets picked up. And assuming again I get a 2 or more book deal).

*long sigh*

But I love it. These ideas keep me up all night until I write them down. And I'd rather be full of annoying ideas that keep me unfocused than have none at all. Besides, I've gotten a lot better at focusing on certain things lately. I mean, geez, I wouldn't have finished my novel if I didn't focus on it, right?

What about you? Ever find yourself overwhelmed with so many thoughts and ideas you can't seem to know which one to pick? And then when you DO pick one, another idea throws your concentration off . . . again?!

On a side note, I've published 2 more articles on

Article 1
Article 2

Still Preschool related as of now. Eventually, I swear I'm going to delve into the entertainment side of things like movie reviews, etc. It takes a completely different mind set to write those types of articles (versus the How-To's and my novel writing).

Oh, and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Hope you get lots of candy trick-or-treating!

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  1. Too funny, Christa, and cute new pic by the way!!!

    Hope you had a fun Halloween, we did kids are 13 and 18 and had their own parties to go to... They are the ones with lives, not us, so we sat home and ate chocolate.

    Still chopping my novel. Deep sigh. Funny how you talked about doing movie reviews...I have ALWAYS wanted to do that, just don't know the avenues to get there. How do people find all these places??


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