Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Freelance Writing & Naptimes

So while I'm gearing up nervously preparing for NanoWriMo (see blog article here), I've also been diving into the world of freelance writing. My husband is a corporate level producer for training videos (and more) at his company, and has "hired" me on (I'm not getting paid since I'm 'under him' and it's against company policy) to write some video scripts. I successfully managed to finish my first one in a total of 4 hours, including revisions. I must say, he's a great man to w ork with! I was a bit worried getting criticism from him, not sure how he'd handle me, but he was/is so professional and I just love him so much more for it!

Ahem, so enough about the mushy stuff! I'm beaming that I can actually pull off writing a video/TV script, I was strangely nervous about having it actually be good. He was impressed with my first draft, even though it needed a few revisions to show more of the direction of the video, but overall I take it as a great compliment (and I know he isn't just saying it because I'm his wife).

On another note, I've also been accepted as one of Suite101's many many writer's on their site, and have my first published e-article. Here is my second one. If you have a preschooler or know anyone who does, give it a read or send it along! So far, working with them has been a pleasant experience. I've only worked with one editor, but she is very nice and professional, and has set expectations which is always good. They take their work very seriously, so for any writer who wants experience in non-fiction e-writing, I suggest giving them a go!

As for naptimes, I really hope my kid is indulging in hers so I can have one!

Only 2 more days to go before I start typing away 1700 words a day for NanoWriMo!

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