Friday, January 16, 2009

Baby Progress

With about 1 week and 2 hours left of being a mother of one, I decided to blog about my progress for preparations. It's funny how with the first, I had everything ready at least one full month before my first born was here and with this one I'll probably still be doing stuff after she's arrived. Plus, the reading. Gracious, all the reading! I did so much reading to prepare for #1, not to mention the 5 baby classes I took from nursing to baby first aid to birthing. First pregnancy seemed to float by endlessly, whereas this one seems I blinked and boom . . . 1 week left! You hear people when they say "it goes fast" or "they grow so quick" but you just don't really comprehend it until it happens to you.

So, first we'll start with the play room. It was the biggest task, simply because of all the organization that had to go into it. My vice is early educational things like workbooks and curriculum books, activity books you name it . . . I'm a sucker for that stuff (usually at Half Price or some dollar stores. I'm a sucker, but I'm a broke sucker!) So with the move, I realized I needed to have better organization instead of my usual "throw it in the closet" tactic. It took I'm not sure how long to get the old office stuff out and move the new play room stuff in plus all the organizing and the fact we put all the nursery stuff in there as storage. But here it is, almost complete! (We have to hangup the magnet board and I still have to make my homemade bulletin board with 4' X 4' sheet of birch and cork shelf liner). I should take a picture of the closet so you can see what an addict I am to all the stuff I buy!

The play room was destined to become the nursery. This picture was of its worst disarray. We still have to paint, hang the curtains, and organize the closet that happens to have a bunch of husbands stuff in it (it would be done by now if it had been MY stuff, of course). I have a feeling this room might still be in the process of being worked on after baby is here, simply for the fact I have to move on to our bedroom since it's the first room the baby will be in for a few months. I had to do the nursery first. It's a mental thing I guess, having the nursery done before the baby is here whether or not you're actually going to be using it right off the bat. So, for the most part, this is where I stand on progress. We still have boxes of Christmas stuff to put in the attic so we can move all our crap -- er -- stuff from the old office into the garage (that my husband plans on converting one day . . . haha). He needs to install the base to the car seat (anyone else really suck at doing those?) and, and, and . . . I think that's it! I put the stroller and car seat/carrier together . . . oh, I do need to organize all the out of season and "too small" clothes of my first born. Other wise it'll be a massive head ache when it comes time to find clothes the new baby can adopt. (PS . . not the best pictures in the world, but you get the idea!)


  1. Christa, it looks lovely! And good on you for getting so organized before-baby! :-)

  2. Wow, what progress! I'll be glad to babysit (my sister calls me the Baby Whisperer) in exchange for you cleaning out my office, which look like a bomb hit it. :)

  3. Awe, it's all so cute :) Oh babies.

  4. Amy, thanks! Yeah, well, sometimes I don't think I can help it. The nesting stage is strong!

    Angie, lol! I'm normally not a cleaner. Well, not like this anyway. I blame it all on hormones. ;-)

    Sara, got the baby bug? I can't wait to have the nursery COMPLETELY finished. I'll have to post a picture.

  5. Very excited for you, Carol!

    With the first child, we were always saying, "When is he going to *walk, talk, get his first tooth*?

    With the second, "Aw, isn't that nice?"

    With the third (and subsequent), "What? Already?"

  6. Janet, thanks for stopping by! I've heard that a lot about the second and subsequent children! I'm going to try darn hard to at least take as many pictures and keep up with the scrap booking as I did with my first. Time flies the older you get, it seems.

  7. Hey, maybe AW being down is good thing, to give you more time to get ready.

    And as one of five children, I know all about the rapidly decreasing parental interest. When I lost my first tooth, my mother was like, "Oh, that's nice. Here's a quarter."

  8. Word of warning:
    I was in labor for about 17 hours with Baby #1. Totally painful (I'm one of those freaks who doesn't take drugs).

    With Baby #2, I had no idea I was in labor. Completely painless. My husband dialed 911 at the last minute and a very handy fireman brought #2 into the world on my bedroom floor.

  9. Bryn, hah! That's hilarious. Reminded me of my mom's story when her tooth got tied to a door knob and got yanked out. And when I had a loose tooth I quickly realized not to let my mother know. She'd act like she was inspecting it to see and then YANK. Hated that.

    Anita, I could totally see that happening! We actually have this one as a scheduled C, we had an emergency one the first time around and I'm all for routine and schedule. So unless she decides to come early (seriously doubt it, tight as glue down there apparently) it's all planned out. yay for plans! And thanks for dropping by!

  10. Wow! That's a lot of organizing! So cute :) Congrats in advance for little one #2!