Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuff, Synopses, and Query Contest

Aren't I so creative with my blog titles?

Okay, so today was a total chaos day. You know, one of those days where you see your house for a whopping 2 hours before spending the rest in your car or at other places like marriage counseling (we're good, it's preemptive), bank running, dropping off napmat you forgot to leave your preschooler with, dropping off baby to sitter (um, at gas station? Yep, that was me. Can only imagine what onlookers were thinking....) government test taking at campus, SCORING ON THAT TEST (heck yeah!), chiropractor appointment, picking up baby (not at a gas station), then picking up big girl at after school care and, holy crap, BREATHE.

I'm out of breath just reliving that! Anyway, on to other stuff. I have entered the dreadful world of synopsis writing. Someone kill me now. Please. Or supply with a zillion advils, one of those cushiony lap desks so I don't hurt my head too much when I bang it several times, and a back rub would be nice. Okay, maybe that's asking a bit much.

I did find a great link provided by YA Lit Chat (which rocks). 5 Steps to Writing a Synopsis. Not that I've managed to follow a single one of those. My fingers apparently have a mind of their own.

But I can do this. I will do this. And it will. be. Awesome.

In other fun news, Elana Johnson is holding a query contest. Check it out because she rocks, and if you haven't "met" her yet via blog, what rock have you been under? Go, go, get thee to Elana!

And now back to my stupendous synopsis writing. Peace out, and shine on!


  1. whoa crazy day! Hope today's much more relaxing!

    ya lit chat is AWESOME :)

  2. Yeah, gotta remember to breathe. I'm feeling like that today. Thanks for the link to my contest!

  3. Sara, it IS. I've ruled out leaving the house at all (except for a walk, amazingly, it's suppose to be 60 degrees!) today. Got the house cleaned last night, so lazy day, here I come!

    Elana, but of course! And sorry your day is one of those out-of-breath kinds. Hope is slows down soon.

  4. Sorry about Evil Synopsis Land. Hate it there. Not pretty, and the people are so rude!

    This time around, I'm summarizing each scene as I go, so hopefully the synopsizing (word?) will just be a matter of cramming it together like an Oreo, and then tweaking it. I say that now...

  5. Sounds like my life. Have a drink and kick back and enjoy that synopsis. Synopses are of the devil - I am convinced.

  6. Sharla, ok, I love the oreo expression. And now I'm hungry.

    Jenn, drinks sound good. If only I had some!

  7. Hi Christa,
    I just found your blog. (clicked on the link at KT Lit). I really like it. I love finding other YA writers going through the same stuff as me! :)

    BTW, my name is Callie Forester.
    Your life sounds as crazy as mine. I have four kids, all homeschooled. Five dogs. Four kittens and a pony. Not sure what I was thinking! Lol. Some days I'm lucky if I get a single sentence written on my book!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi.
    Good luck with your synopsis. If you're interested, we do free critiques of first chapters, queries or a synopsis on my website. There are four of us that run the site, so you get a really thorough critique from four different POV's. (No scam, no catch, it's all free. We just all like critiquing and believe it helps build our own skills.) :)

    We also have blogs with writing tips,author interviews and book reviews as well as forums to meet other writers. Feel free to stop by! :)It was nice to "meet" you.

  8. Hi Callie! Thanks for stopping by. And oh my, a pony too? Holy snowcones. I bow down to you, mother of four. I'll definitely check out your blog, I love how the internet makes the writing community so much bigger yet so much closer. Thanks again.

  9. LOL! You're too funny! And your blog titles are so creative. Want to make some up for me???

    Good luck on your synopsis and when in doubt... well, don't take advice from me. I haven't even written my book yet. LOL. ; )

    Happy Thursday!

  10. Your blog is so refreshing! Love it!!! I am glad I stopped by!!!

    Breathing is tough sometimes when you have so much going on... I suppose I could say it's overrated!

  11. Kim, hah! You're way too nice, but thanks! And yeah, I'm totally stuck on my synopsis. It'll turn out ten pages if I keep going the rate I am.

    Jen, so glad you stopped by! Your comment made me laugh. Good thing I don't have to think about breathing, else I'd be dead by now.