Monday, March 1, 2010

Awards, Weirdness and Castle

Kim Franklin awarded me this sleek "Stylish Blogger" award *blush* *coughcoughI'mnotreallycoughcough*. But because it's fun, and I love talking about myself (shhh) I'm going to follow in her footsteps and list 5 fun-tastic things about me. Because, I mean, come on, I'm fun, right? Right?!Just nod your head and I'll go with that. ;-) I'm also going to award this to other fantastic stylish bloggers. Here goes:

1. I'm not afraid to be weird in public. Seriously! I mean, shoot, we got one life to live, might as well have fun doing it. See below for evidence.

2. I'll always take on a dare (so long as it isn't something that'll get me arrested or includes streaking, cause um, yeah, very modest over here)

3. I'll sing anything you ask me too, whether I know it or not. An example: writing workshop peeps go to I-Hop after workshop. Someone was talking about some song (gah, now I can't remember...but "I Will Survive" is stuck in my head right now, so we'll pretend it's that). I started singing it (not very prettily mind you) just because it felt like a good thing to do at the time.

4. I love games. So much, that I've banned myself from any type of online gaming, because my family would never, ever, ever EVER see me again. Seriously, I'm an addict. When I found out I was pregnant with Big A, I sold my Playstation. But, if it's a party or hanging out, I'm game (pun intended). And very competitive!

5. I love entertaining. That has to fall somewhere in the fun-tastic category, right? And now for further proof of me not mind doing wacky, cooky things in public (and that I have some awesomely, equally wacky and cool friends) me at a friends 80s birthday bash (wearing the blue and trying to wink--never have been a good winker):

Now for my recipients:
1. Lisa and Laura Roecker (for being continuously entertaining and just stylish ladies themselves!)
2. Krista V. over at "Mother. Write. (Repeat.)" because, well, her name sounds like mine! And also, she has some spectacular agent interviews over at her blog, and is just all around a stylish person! Go check her out!
3. Amy Bai over at "Purple Patch" because her humor is stylish (and rib-cracking hilarious) and she's just full of awesomeness.

Chosen Ones! Your rules are to list 5 fun-tastic things about yourself and pass along the award. Enjoy! And now I'm off to see CASTLE. What's that? If you haven't seen it and don't go check it out tonight, I might just have to beat you. Really. It's got this:

and this:

Yes, ladies, a series with the main character as an AUTHOR (PS, his name is Nathan Fillion, but I'm sure you already knew that). Crime author, to be exact, and he gets to ride along side this lovely lady detective:

Worth a thousand words, eh? So go see it, ABC, Monday nights, 9pm CST. Get thee yonder!


  1. Your fun-tastic things rock! And I love that pic!

  2. Yay! Thanks for the love! I love the 80s pic. You look like Jennifer Garner in 13 Going in 30!

  3. OMG! L&L, some random stranger said the same thing. OK, I'm going to have to do a comparison now. I'll take looking like a 13-year-old over my almost-30-year-old self any day! And thanks Kim!

  4. Sorry, no CASTLE tonight. The BACHELOR's on instead. UGH!!!

  5. I saw that and am so POed! After two weeks of reruns because of the Olympics, too. *whine* Thanks DL!

  6. ChristaCarol, thanks so much for the award! And awesome-nameness right back at you:)

  7. Fun award! Even more fun pictures. ;)

    *sigh* Castle. *sigh* New episode next week!

  8. Thanks Krista! I know, right Janna? I'm suffering withdrawals.

  9. Love the 80's pic. It is RAD! :)

  10. Hey, thanks for the award, lady!

    *starts thinking up dares for Christa*

  11. Of course, much deserved! And..*gulp* Uh oh?

  12. Love the 80's pic and LOVE me some Castle. Even my snarky teen daughter climbs in bed with us to watch it.

  13. Haha, Sharla, that's awesome. Speaking of daughters and Castle, I so want to adopt his daughter (is it Alexa? Egads, I should know this, I've never missed an episode lol.) Tooo precious.