Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good News Thursday

I'm so excited to announce my writer friend, Jen K. Blom, has sold her debut, POSSUM SUMMER to Holiday House, due out Fall 2011!! Be sure to visit her announcement here and congratulate her!

Also, another awesome person I'm thrilled to say I know, Debra Driza, has landed herself an agent! Since she hasn't posted any specifics yet, I'm leaving that up to her, but Squeee to both these wonderful writer ladies!

In contest news, we've got some book give-aways: win SCARLET FEVER over at the KT Literary blog by commenting what your Oscar speech (or some fab award) would sound like. Over at Lisa and Laura's blog, they've not only interviewed Joy Prebble, author of DREAMING ANASTASIA (yes, THAT Anastasia, people), they are giving away a free copy and it looks awesome! And over at Guide to Literary Agents, they are having another Dear Lucky Agent Contest for those who have a completed YA or adult paranormal or urban fantasy. Submit your first 250 words of your completed ms in that genre, and good luck!

And lastly, if you haven't checked out Krista V.'s blog, and you love reading agent interviews, you must go read now! She's been doing a great job.

Good News Thursday will hopefully be a regular thing with, um, well, good news, and any sort of contests and stuff I think is GOOD!

PS: If you have any other contest or good news to link to, please feel free to in the comments!!

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  1. Yay! Good news always makes me happy!

  2. Glad to hear all these great things are happening!

  3. Yay for good news. Congrats to Jen and Deb!

  4. Aw, thanks Christa, for saying something about PS on yr awesome blog!! You rock!!!

    *sniff* it gets me all teary eyed....

  5. Glad to dish out the good news, guys, and any time, Jen, you rock, and I'm so happy/proud of you!!

  6. Happy happy day!!! You rock for spreading the love, Christa!

  7. Two Good News Thursdays in a row!! Yay! Very exciting news!! :))

  8. I just hope good news keeps pouring in! Thanks guys :)

  9. This sounds great. I have a contest going up on my site within the next day or two for a $20. gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles and a free critique of your first chapter/synopsis/query letter by Chimera Critiques. :)

    Our site isn't that well known yet, so we really want people to stop by. Spread the word!! :)

    We also have an interview with Lisa McMann that will be up--hopefully by tonight.

  10. Anytime, Krista!

    Callie, thanks for sharing the contest news!