Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loving Life (and a Small Snippet)

Life is such a leech sometimes! In a good way (for me, anyway). I know I've been slacking with my blogging lately, but when you got
<---these eyes looking up at you all the time and they're about to leave you for good to school, don't you think it'd be a little hard to get lost anywhere else but with her? (This pic is from her dance recital last week.)

Yesterday we spent a blissful afternoon planting flowers, eating popsicles, and sitting under our tree in shade and pointing out cloud pictures (while baby was napping). It's moments like that I'm going to miss sooooooo incredibly much. My heart hurts just thinking about her being gone for 7 hours 5 days a week.

Ah! Someone hand me a tissue. Or a box.

So that's where I've been hiding. With my girls, cherishing the great weather (...hate wind!) and trying to do these things I won't be able to do much of, if at all, once she starts school. At least I have one more girl to enjoy such moments with. Then i'll really have a melt down when SHE starts school.

I didn't do a teaser this week, and have been madly typing/revising away the dystopian pictured up on the right. I'll leave you with this:
29304_1474077974037_1296311017_3131.jpg picture by ChristaCarol
(notice the personalities shining through: Strong willed & Mischievous...I'm in for it in 10 years)

And a small snippet:

I kept crawling, keeping my eyes open enough to see where I was going. Eventually I found a tree and pried one eye fully open. Though it was heavily shadowed thanks to the thick canopy above, the haze of light still gave me a throbbing headache. Getting to my feet, I weaved through the trees like a drunk, my knees achy and my eyesight crap.

I wasn’t sure how long I’d been wandering, staggering around, when I heard a sound. I froze behind a tree at another yell. From the sound of it, it was a girl, and she was searching for someone.

“Jesse! Come here, girl!” She whistled and clicked her tongue.

The shrub next to me rustled and spit out a giant ball of brown fur. I let out a yell and fell back on my ass. I clenched a fistful of soil.

If I ran, the thing would kill me. I could try and wrestle it, but lately the odds had been against me. The big dog landed near my feet and barked. I froze and glared at it, going for the whole ‘no fear’ method. It came at my face. I jerked an arm up. And then it licked my ear.

It took a second or two to get over my shock that the dog hadn’t tried to tear me to pieces. That’s when I really got a look at her.

“You must be Jesse,” I said, forcing myself to hold out a hand for the dog to sniff. I tried not to twitch when she rubbed her nose against my fingers, getting ready for her to change her mind and bite it off. Instead, she just continued to press her wet nose against my hand as if she wanted a good scratch. I couldn’t help but laugh. Her fur was thick, soft, and I marveled at it. A dog. A big, fluffy, brown dog that wasn’t chasing after me or trying to eat me alive.

A burst of movement behind us sent me to my feet as I simultaneously grabbed a random stick. I turned around as fast as I could with my pack on and held the stick out. Then I got a good look at it. Figures. I chucked the good-for-nothing twig to the ground and dug one foot in the dirt in case I needed to escape. This place had light, the people would be different, and I had no clue what I’d be up against. If this girl called for help, I was screwed. And I wasn’t the type to go around hitting girls.


  1. Aw, cute pics! Love the teaser - some great tension there!

  2. Heh, the realization that the dog didn't want to them alive was nice. Great tease!

  3. Ad-OR-ab-le! You are gonna be in SO MUCH trouble when they hit teeny-time!

    And I am already looking at Loki and being sad for how much she's changed. Insane! They grow so fast!

  4. Aw, cute picts! And great excerpt here, thanks for sharing! What happens next?!?

  5. Your children are absolutely gorgeous! Treasure those wonderful moments :)

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm trying my best to treasure the moments without wondering when I'll get to write next. Believe me, there are days this is veeery hard. But oh so worth it!

  7. I loved that. I really wish I could write that well in first person.


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