Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Visit From Make A Wish and Updates

We all know most little girls' dreams...to be a princess, see a princess, or you know....go to Disney World (or the like). Alaina has shown interest in taking the Disney Cruise (we had them send us the DVD about it) and really got excited about the idea of going to the beach (Disney's Cast Away Island) AND seeing princesses AND being on a boat....but I want her wish to come from her...not me, or daddy, or sister (who loves to whisper to her what to say)....on Saturday, two lovely ladies from Make A Wish came by to visit Alaina and "interview" her, bearing gifts for all the kiddos. It was really a fun time, and the girls really enjoyed showing off for the ladies. But, Alaina wasn't ready to tell THEM her wish. So, I think maybe later in the fall, when she's a little older, more comfortable around newer people (vocally, anyway), and gets the whole wish thing a little better, I'll have her try again. In the meantime, though, they have really neat events throughout the year her and Averie can go to, like In April, an Art Party where they make stuff, then it gets sold and the proceeds go to the foundation. Pretty cool!

As for treatment, we're having a slight pause because her Vinecristine and Methatrexate from 11 days ago hit her really good (mainly the Methatrexate) and her counts on Monday were 320, which is too low to receive chemo. So  she just got her monthly dose of antibiotics intravenously, and we go back Friday to check counts again. If they are not at 500, but close, she'll at least get the Vinecristine but they won't give her the Methatrexate until she's over 500. Her platelets and hemaglobin are both doing good. Alaina is doing good, more tired then normal (maybe because of her ANC being low) and is going through this phase of throwing loud fits if she isn't getting her way (she use to not be this bad....this too shall pass, I say!). Her hair is starting to come back, but we're not holding our breath as the next phase coming up is the same phase in repeat that made her go smooth and shiny on top...so....

She's been enjoying outside in this awesome weather, growing her own cherry tomatoes and bell peppers (she loves them), and watching her and Averie's caterpillars grow and become butterflies, working on writing the letters in her name (she's got the "A" down pretty good!) and other preschool related stuff. Will keep everyone posted on any new things. Shine On!

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