Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Back in Action

So after my Thanksgiving break, I'm starting today getting back into the swing of things. I've had this awesome idea for a new novel stewing in my head for the past two weeks, getting better every day. I love how things from the History channel or some other inspiration help my muse! It's great! But, I'm horribly irritated because I know I can't start on this new project until I wrap some things up. My picture book, for one. It's been sitting idly, staring at me with mopey eyes to get it submitted. It's a whole new process for me (submitting PB's that is), so I am guessing that's why I'm choosing to procrastinate.

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Ours was pretty much like every normal visit with the family. Lots of food, lots of mingling, and me wishing I could take a nap. Averie was off from school and dance last week so it was kind of nice getting a week away from responsibilities (especially the car pooling kind), but I guess I'm glad to be getting back into the routine. All my Christmas decorations are up, and most of the lights outside. They'd all be up if I weren't this big balloon of a person that my husband forbids climb a ladder. I still think I'd be fine, but I'm not going to cross that line with him just yet. Maybe he'll get it done for me this weekend (I'm usually the one that does all the decorating around here).

Hope everyone is doing well and getting back into routine, only to be dislodged again by Christmas! Hopefully I'll have something more substantial to blog about later this week.


  1. So cool that you've got a new idea. Congrats!

    I personally hate this time of year (just to give one reason why: my in-laws don't eat pie on Thanksgiving -- what's up with that?) and I the disruption of routine doesn't help my productivity levels.


  2. Yay for new ideas!

    I don't watch the History Channel, but Oprah and NPR do the trick for me!

  3. Yay on the new idea! It's always a great feeling.

  4. Jen- lol I'm a very routine person myself. Alright, alright, no ladders. :-O

    Jill - My husband <3's NPR

    Colby - Thanks! I can't wait to get time to start plugging away on it.

  5. I love new ideas! They're fun and shiny. Not like those pesky ones you've revised a gazillion hours.

  6. A new WIP going all bouncy wouncy in your head? How wonderful! It's a good, schizophrenic feeling when you're wrapping up one book and feeling all Tiggerish about the next. Glad you got a little time off over the holiday.