Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good News Thursday

Why must all four-year-olds come with an attitude? I mean, really. Most times, it drives me beyond bonkers and to the point of going bald. Then there are times like the other day, when Big A is running around with sass, and is told something she can’t do by husband. She got mad and started sticking her tongue out and making faces at him (which I’m really trying to curb) and it went exactly like this:

DH: You need to stop that, sticking your tongue out is a big no no.

Big A: (not missing a beat) You’re a big no no!

. . . . . .er . . . .

Really? I mean, sheesh. If my mom were there, she’d be pointing at me and laughing her ass off, saying something along the lines of: “Haha! Karma’s a bitch!” Because Karma knows I’ve had a mouth on me since I came into the world. (PS, that isn't my kid up there.)

All of that aside, she really is a great kid!

So onto Good News Thursday, ‘cause you know, none of that had anything to do with good news! What have YOU got to share?

In my neck o’ tha’ woods, I’ve got my friend Tiffany Neal and her first interview here. The interviewer is Kristen Yard, Tiff’s crit partner, and they have some major comedic chemistry going on over there!

In contest news, KT Literary is having a chance to win a phone conversation with Agent Kate, but you have to share your early early work! (We’re talking Jr. High or High School).

Over at Rosemary Clement-Moore’s blog, there are tons of prize chances for a GREAT cause in donating to the UNF's Nothing but Nets Campaign to help the Malaria in Africa.

And over at Lisa & Laura’s blog, they’re doing ANOTHER contest/giveaway. These two are full of win! (and giving hearts!)

As for me, I’m gearing up for the DFW Writers’ Conference agent party tomorrow night. I’m excited about meeting up with a few online blogger/AWers as well! This weekend shall be terrific! And I hope yours is, too!


  1. there's an agent party tomorrow night? are you talking about Saturday night or another one?


  2. Sharla - there are 2 meetups, one for everyone attending (on Saturday) and one for members of the workshop (Friday night). Can't wait to see you Saturday!

    Jemi - glad to be of service! :)

  3. Dang it! Why do I have to be out of town when there are parties?!

    Thanks for the links and have fun!!

  4. Come to the conference next year, Kim! It's so great. And um, sorry I'm brain-dead int he morning, and I forgot to link to Tiffany's interview. All done now :)