Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Teaser Tuesday & Winner!

After using Random.org list randomizer (putting everyone’s name that entered down for each point they received), I then drew the winner using its random number generator, and the winner is….

Alice Loweecey!

Alice, please e-mail me at christacarol_jones (@) yahoo (dot) com with the prize of your choice listed here! Congrats!! And thanks to all who entered and spread the love. I love contests and will definitely be having another one soon!

It’s two for two on teaser Tuesday. That’s a lot of Ts! I reworked the beginning of MYTHIC after some feedback from the GE contest (that I placed 3rd in! *shameless pride?*) and the first chapter can be read here. (I just noticed the formatting is all wonky, I'll get to it after I shuttle kiddo to dance class!)

On the blog, I give you Jessa’s first encounter with the Lord of the Dead.


Sleeping wasn’t easy at all, despite my body’s fatigue. I tossed, turned, and clutched Bunny tighter. I dozed in and out, seeing glimpses of figures outside my window and hearing their voices.

When my brain finally relaxed enough for me to drift off completely, the visions started. Fire leaped out of the black void of my mind. I went in without fear; determined to bring something back that could tell me everything I wanted to know. My past, my future, the future of mankind. Could I guide my visions to do things like that?

My thoughts fumbled at the sight of something moving through the fire. A shadow, a figure . . . a person stepping towards me. Cropped dark hair, fierce brown eyes reflecting the flames of Hell devouring all. The stranger stood tall, broad, intimidating, shirtless, with tan skin revealing rocking abs and muscular arms.

This was all a vision. I repeated it in my head until the words no longer made sense. Behind him, within the growing flames of orange and yellow, walked a three-headed dog. The man’s voice cracked my wall of self-assuredness.

“Hello, Amara.”

My entire body went rigid. I searched for a way out of my own head. The distance between us vanished as the flames inches in front of me molded into his form. I froze. “My name is Jessa.”

He smiled, dark, beautiful, terrifying. My brain knew who he was, but I couldn’t listen. Didn’t want to. “I’m starting to feel a little put out. I’ve offered you a warm invitation, and you’ve yet to respond.”

Frantically, I tried to find the part in my brain that controlled my mouth. My voice came out breathless and scared. “What do you want from me?”

His smile didn’t budge. He sighed between his lips and held out his hand. “To give you the answers you so desire.”

His hand was ageless, flawless, inviting. I looked back at him, hating the magnetism he had on me. “I desire nothing from you.” Dammit, my voice was so weak and girly.

“That isn’t true.” He turned his hand palm down but kept it out, waiting for me to take it. “They won’t tell you the secrets of your past. I will. I see everything, know all. And they don’t trust you enough to share with you what you really are.”

I bit the inside of my cheeks, defiant and smug. “I know what I am.”

“Do you?”

His words sent doubt chewing away my confidence. “Yes.” But even I could hear the uncertainty in my voice.

He shook his head and tsked. “Dear Amara, they’ve kept the most important thing from you.”

I swallowed, the hot air drying my throat, and gave up on correcting his usage of my name. “And what exactly is that?”

“They failed to mention that you, Amara, were the first demigod after Hercules.”


  1. That last line is definitely a cliffhanger!! Great teaser! <3

  2. I agree with Becca! Also I loved the mood you created in that teaser. Very well done.

  3. Woohoo! Love this: He smiled, dark, beautiful, terrifying. My brain knew who he was, but I couldn’t listen. Didn’t want to.

  4. Great job and cliffhanger!
    Congrats to the winner.

  5. Cool tease, and what a great cliffhanger you left it on!

  6. wow! what a way to end the tease! left me wanting more...duh! i guess that was the point! lol :)

  7. You tease!!! LOL I thoroughly enjoyed this. Especially the last bit. Way to leave us hanging!

  8. Nice - makes we want to read on :)

  9. Great teaser!

    And woo-hoo, I won! Winning is so cool. Thanks. :D

  10. So glad it's hookish! And congrats again Alice!

  11. Great teaser, Christa--love it! And I agree--great cliffhanger! :D

  12. Love this...especially the end! I always enjoy reading everyone's teasers...do we really have to wait a whole week to read more?

  13. What is she? I want to know! :-)

  14. Man, you lot and your tantalising cliffhangers ... take pity!! Loved this